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Lootpack : New Years Resolution

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Posted: November 28th, 2009
at 9:38pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Allen Vandever art post "Shedding One’s Skin"


Shedding One’s Skin Acrylic by Allen Vandever

This strange being convulses violently until her release, but once in the air of the world outside its shell, it writhes and shrinks from the sun too hot mercilessly scorching its translucent skin, too bright for the pupils in their first exposure to its rays. She has wrenched apart her soft underside from the hardened, weatherworn shell once donning her beautiful face. She is not the worm becoming moth; she is a detestable carrion bird emerging from timber not yet lit. A scavenger of her own body left on a pyre not aflame for ashes. She is saturated in all the secretions of a gapping wound, her body raw, tender, and vulnerable. My lady must walk in darkness; she must walk alone in the black of her despair until she brings herself to walk in the light once more. In these shadows I cannot reach her, she does not see my hand, does not see my face or even hear my voice. She has foregone her shell and with it everything of her life, including myself. Her shell reclines in a posture of malaise- a haunting reminder of how easily she slipped away from me.

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Posted: November 28th, 2009
at 6:13pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Used to be a Family Website

But then I got this video from Chaz.

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The only thing funnier than that is the accompanying article.

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Posted: November 28th, 2009
at 2:37pm by Black Ock

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Happy Thanksgiving ’09!

Yes… Ninjas do ride turkeys.

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Posted: November 26th, 2009
at 1:54pm by Black Ock

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Allen Vandever art post "Shadow Dancer"

000shadow dancer

Shadow Dancer Acrylic, Epoxy Resin by Allen Vandever

She no longer fears the light. She now revels in the colors being illuminated in her world in innumerable shapes and lines. She basks in its warmth reflecting off the contours of her body. She begins to dance, expressing the insurmountable bliss of this moment-this moment when she no longer cowers under the cold pressure of her shadow. She is finally at one with her dark celestial twin, merging their two worlds once rent asunder by ignorance and fear. She embraces her carnal sister and the world ceases to be bound.

This painting was not only a cornerstone for my work, but also represents a pivotal point in my understanding. This is the third version of this painting, and I find that with every version, I come closer to fully achieving expression of my vision-a vision of a world with endless capabilities made possible when we embrace all aspects of our beings-allowing our spirits to live, breathe, and create.

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Posted: November 25th, 2009
at 6:29pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Tokyo Lounge Table / Godfather Chair


These two designs above and below by Skate Study House are amazing. Apart from these two pieces they are currently having a black friday lead-up sale called Launch of Cool. It is a limited-time promotion that is offering the collection’s most popular pieces at a special discount:

Astro Clock : $200 (regular price $495)

Nova Lamp $200 (regular price $695)

Hang Up: $200 (regular price $495)

SKATE STUDY HOUSE (SSH) is an innovative design concept specializing in recreating popular furniture through the vision of a skateboarder. The movement of a skateboarder constantly changes — it recreates itself by transcending boundaries and inventing ways to conquer obstacles. It’s constantly about anticipation and adaptation to one’s environment. The same is true for living design. The combination of the two produces a mixture of contemporary lifestyle, art and action sports culture, which is all found in this unique collection.


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Posted: November 23rd, 2009
at 5:05pm by Koookiecrumbles

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the Industry : Sean Bono

MNP ran into Sean Bono of Art Battles and got a chance to talk about what is really going on- like we have done before, we’ll start off with a brief documentary about the movement and then move on to the interview.

Can you please describe what an art battle is?

Art Battles is both an event for artistic entertainment as well as a movement for social change. Its a peaceful conflict built out of the framework of capitalism and democracy. Artists are competing with eachother t0 sell their work, win prizes and to do that by winning over the audience with popular vote.

How have you seen the audience of these events respond to the creation process?

The audience responds really well, that is and has been my biggest sense of accomplishment with ArtBattles.. Seeing people treat art with the passion of sport and seeing painters connecting with a huge crowd is pretty wild. It really makes me think wow, this is getting BIG.


What has been your favorite battle and why?

I think my favorite battle was our Kong Zilla battle between Leif and Dre. The tension was in the room with two huge canvasses spotlight on the stage of Le Poisson Rouge. The crowd filled the room bubbling with anticipation DJ JUs Ske played a killer set. I will never forget Leif paints his whole canvas black and in doing so he shoots a wad of paint off his brush through the air and onto the shoulder of Dre the whole place went nuts and they both painted amazing pieces. In the end the crowd decided Leif the victor.

I think that the sky is the limit with Live art. I boastful joke by saying that there is a whole wing in the met dedicated to what we are doing that know one new was there before.

How do you see this movement evolving over the next say ten years?

As for in the next ten years where to and what music like I said the sky is the limit and with live art andf ArtBattles there are no boundaries on where it can exist or styles that can be expressed inside of it.


Marthalicia Matarrita 40″ x 30″ $800 Buy

::images courtesy of Art Battles ::

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Posted: November 23rd, 2009
at 1:52pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Matt Shadetek: Secret Knowledge Mix


Shadetek on the Secret Knowledge Mix:

"It’s different from Solar Life Raft in that Solar Life Raft stays in 140 dubstep BPM range whilst the mix is a lot of 128 kinda area, dancehall, UK funky, weird housey stuff I’ve been making. SLR is a snapshot of nine months ago and this is where my head is at now. Also it’s me on my own so you can pull out my half of SLR."

"I’m working on a soundtrack to an imaginary remake of the Shining," adds Jace. "Except set in Dubai instead of Colorado. A lot of strange bass sounds and broken air-conditioners, that kinda thing."

A whole new story in the making…


Download the mix here or read it over here too.

.::full interview and tracklist->

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Posted: November 23rd, 2009
at 12:25am by Koookiecrumbles

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Harvesting African Sun


Image from tonynetone

the sun is shinning, and the weather is sweet

All the rave these days is about solar energy. Its clean, relatively cheap and has virtually no carbon emmissions. One problem however is what do you do when it is cloudy? Well some European Union scientists may have the answer. Arnulf Jaeger-Walden from the European commission’s Institute for Energy claims that only 0.3% of light from the Sahara’s sun would be able to provide Europe with more than enough energy. Prompting both Gordon Brown and Nicholsa Sarkozy to quickly back the proposed plan.

The idea is to build large farms of solar panel technology in the Sahara and harvest the sun’s energy as a source of clean electricity. Wind turbines will also act as a back-up battery should the sun ever fail to shine. The result, Europe and Africa get alternative source of energy, and the Sahara becomes a provider of clean energy and thereby helping to combat global warming. Now that is what we call, al-kubra, ‘The Great Desert’

All is good, so long as the sun keeps shining.

.::originally found at i-genius->

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Posted: November 22nd, 2009
at 8:00pm by Koookiecrumbles

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