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"Six of one, half-dozen of the other" says that two things which people refer to differently are actually the same thing. A "dozen" is a counting word that represents twelve (12) of some particular item, so a "half-dozen" is equal to six (6) of that item, and saying "six of one" is equal to saying "a half-dozen of the other." The "one" and the "other" refer to the two things which you are saying are not so different. Example: "I say she’s a stewardess. She says she’s a flight attendant. It’s six of one, a half-dozen of the other." Although something has been said in two different ways, they ultimately mean the same thing.



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Posted: January 31st, 2008
at 6:51pm by Koookiecrumbles

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World’s Nicest KFC?


Could this be the world’s nicest KFC [well, nicest looking - they’re all pretty gross, really]? Commissioned by KFC Iceland, the 450 square meter building was designed by pk arkitektar [yes, designed to be a KFC - they didn’t just move in later] and completed in 2005. My ninjas, PLEASE!


Honestly, I think it looks ‘cold’ from the outside and that the concrete is a little overbearing - for a fast-food restaurant. That being said, I wouldn’t be complaining if they started replacing their US locations with buildings like this. I wonder what made them spend the money?



I know one thing, it’s sure-as-hell better than this:


By the way, if you know of a nicer KFC - or any fast food chain - hit us up. Always looking for some ridiculousness over here at MNP.

::Images + info from pk arkitektar - photographs by Rafael Pinho::

::via eye candy::

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Posted: January 31st, 2008
at 2:46pm by orangemenace

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Three Rivers Stadium Implosion

YouTube Preview Image

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Posted: January 31st, 2008
at 10:49am by Koookiecrumbles

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Quote of the Day

a€oeThe only way to hit homeruns is to be allowed at the plate. Design a€" even in my early days and now today a€" must earn its place in the corporate line up and that only comes through building a base of success.a€A -Tom Gale

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Posted: January 31st, 2008
at 4:48am by Koookiecrumbles

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Where are the Mennonites now?

As of 2003, there were an estimated 80,000 Old Colony Mennonites in Mexico.[22] These Mennonites descend from a mass migration in the 1920s of roughly 6,000 Old Colony Mennonites from the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In 1921, a Canadian Mennonite delegation arriving in Mexico received a privilegium, a promise of non-interference, from the Mexican government. This guarantee of many freedoms was the impetus that created the two original Old Colony settlements near Patos (Nuevo Ideal), Durango, and CuauhtA©moc, Chihuahua. via

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Posted: January 31st, 2008
at 4:46am by Koookiecrumbles

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Post Carbon Institute


Post Carbon Institute was established in 2003 as an initiative of MetaFoundation, an organization created in the year 2000 by Julian Darley and Celine Rich. The purpose of MetaFoundation was to serve as an umbrella or parent organization, to help develop and support new organizations focused on innovative and unique methods of providing environmental solutions. The creation of MetaFoundation stemmed from an interest in- and concern for how difficult it is to cover complex environmental issues in current affairs. It was decided that new methods of discussing and addressing the complexity of environmental issues needed to be developed, and MetaFoundation was born.

The first initiative of Meta-Foundation was GlobalPublicMedia, an internet broadcasting station streaming long format audio and video interviews. This media service was established in 2001 in response to the tendency of mainstream news media to primarily focus on making a profit, increasing ratings and developing news as entertainment. Alternatively, the goal of Global Public Media is to offers news and analysis on complex environmental issues provided by world experts from a wide variety of different fields.

During the time GlobalPublicMedia was being developed, Julian was advised by a local bookseller to read Jeremy Rifkina€™s book entitled a€The Hydrogen Economya€™. The last chapter of this book introduced the concept of a€Peak Oila€™ to Julian, leading to a profound shift in the focus and work of MetaFoundation.


After visiting Colin Campbell, a prominent petroleum geologist and founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas (ASPO) in Cork County Ireland, Julian and Celine embarked on a process of information gathering about Peak Oil. The expertise and comprehensive knowledge they attained during this time led them to establish the Post Carbon Institute, an environmental organization focusing on Peak Oil related issues.

With a keen interest base and their base of support coming out of the United States, it was decided that Meta-Foundation would be established as a nonprofit entity operating out of Eugene, Oregon. MetaFoundation was incorporated in 2003 with GlobalPubicMedia and Post Carbon Institute operating as affiliated initiatives, under the umbrella organizational format of MetaFoundation.

Over the next few years, with a growing public interest in the initiatives of Meta-Foundation, Post Carbon Institute was successful in establishing a reputable board of directors, featuring the most prominent experts working in the field of Peak Oil. With this new board with an increase in public interest, it was decided that Post Carbon Institute would replace MetaFoundation as the main umbrella organization. Today, Post Carbon Institute serves as the parent organization to many other initiatives and ideas, while MetaFoundation now operates as a legal entity only.

The blurb above is from their history page. We heard about them through Erin who heard about them on Public Radio in New Mexico. They also run a program called Post Carbon Cities. Visit the Post Carbon Institute and Post Carbon Cities by clickin’ them lanks.

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Posted: January 31st, 2008
at 4:42am by Black Ock

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ALBA, an Economic Alternative for Latin America

by Medea Benjamin

The sixth conference of the Latin American alternative trade alliance known as ALBA-which stands for the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas and means a€oeDawna€A in Spanish-was held in Caracas on January 25-26. The brainchild of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, ALBA was founded by Cuba and Venezuela in 2004 as a fair trade alternative to US-backed free trade policies and is made possible thanks to Venezuelaa€™s oil money.

When Evo Morales was elected in Bolivia and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, they too joined ALBA, which Chavez has nicknamed the Club of a€oeChicos Malosa€A, or bad boys, because of its opposition to U.S. domination. At this weekenda€™s meeting, the Caribbean island of Dominica also joined, and representatives attended from Ecuador, Honduras, Uruguay, Haiti and several other Caribbean nations.

Chavez opened the session talking about the need for a trade system that addresses peoplea€™s needs, not corporate profits. His railed against the a€oedictatorship of global capitalisma€A, and encouraged Latin American countries to withdraw their international reserves from United States banks, warning of a looming US economic crisis. a€oeWhy does that money have to be in the north?a€A, he asked. a€oeWe should start to bring our reserves back home.a€A

His thoughts were echoed by Daniel Ortega, who blamed the capitalist system for the environmental crisis. a€oeThe capitalist model of development is simply unsustainable,a€A Ortega declared. a€oeIf your economy is controlled by speculative capital that only cares about profits, you cana€™t solve the huge problems affecting humanity. Once we renounce the free trade model, we can begin to address the massive problems of unemployment, poverty and global warming.a€A

Boliviaa€™s Evo Morales, who is facing fierce opposition in part because of his efforts to nationalize natural gas and oil, insisted that key public resources such as land, water and energy should not be for private profit but for the common good. He also insisted that Latin America should not look to the United States for solutions, since U.S. aid always comes with strings designed to increase its hegemony.

a€oeIn 1990s, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund imposed their disastrous policies, and then the U.S. tried to impose the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas-which should really be called the Free Profits Agreement of the Americas because it is meant to increase the profits of US corporations,a€A said Morales. a€oeBut people of the hemisphere rejected that agreement, so now the U.S. is trying-country-by-country-to get bilateral trade agreements. They are always trying to divide us, but we salute the great resistance to empire that we see throughout the hemisphere.a€A

The leaders noted that it was no coincidence that just at the time of the ALBA summit, Condoleezza Rice was visiting neighboring Colombia to promote a U.S.-Colombia Free Trade pact. Chavez, who recently called Colombiaa€™s President Urribe a a€oesad peon of the empirea€A, laughed at U.S. accusations that he, Chavez, was facilitating the flow of Colombian cocaine through Venezuela.

The talk of drug-smuggling turned into comic relief, however, when Chavez launched into a discourse on the benefits of the coca leaf, which, he insisted, was very different from cocaine. U.S. officials have long tried to eradicate coca cultivation, which has been grown and chewed by Andean Indians for centuries.

a€oeSpeaking of drugs,a€A Chavez turned to Bolivian President Evo Morales, who is himself a former coca farmer and is a strong defender of the coca leaf, a€oewhere are the coca leaves you used to bring me?a€A

A Bolivian Indian sitting behind Morales got up and offered up his personal stash of coca leaves. Delighted, Chavez took a leaf and put it in his mouth. a€oeThe sacred leaf of the Inca, the Aymara Indians,a€A he declared. a€oeThank you, brother.a€A Emphasizing the great qualities of coca, Chavez said that he had become used to chewing the leaves every morning and invited the other heads of states to try some.

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Posted: January 30th, 2008
at 5:17pm by Black Ock

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5 Scientology Hate Flicks

YouTube Preview Image

One of the original sites to post about the war on Scientology,, also put up a post called "5 Videos in the War on Scientology" which basically is a collection of youtube clips posted by the hacker group "Anonymous" in the past week or so.AA Check it out.

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Posted: January 30th, 2008
at 3:55pm by Black Ock

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For What It’s Worth

If you haven’t seen this Chapelle standup from 2004, you should probably watch it.

It’s about 4 AM eastern standard time and I’m just going to bed so, the rest of today’s content might come a little bit later in the day than usual. Stay with us and check back after 2 PM and I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

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Posted: January 30th, 2008
at 11:04am by Black Ock

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