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Ninjas on the Net : Cardiff

Welcome back to another edition of the Ninjas on the Net, after being in Adelaide and Tokyo, on to Cardiff, Wales.

-The Wales Millennium Centre opened in 2004 is considered to be one of the World`s iconic arts and cultural destinations. The vision of the Centre is to be an internationally significant cultural landmark and centre for the performing arts, renowned for inspiration, excellence and leadership

-17M of scholarships for international students in Wales has been awarded, click here to see partnering universities, also see what Cardiff University’s has in place for international students

-Check out this report from the Financial Times on doing business in Cardiff and Wales

-The population of Cardiff will increase by more than 40% between 2008 and 2033 if current trends continue, according to new projections made by the Assembly Government

-Babylon Wales : Notes from the margins of Welsh popular culture has some interesting thoughts

-Welsh fashion designer and recent graduate, Joanne Terrar talks about her collection

-Facing onto Mill Lane, which is the restaurant quarter of central Cardiff, opposite the Marriott Hotel and a short walk from the main train station, is a new Italian caffe, restaurant, alimentari foodshop and deli- Carluccios’

-For the pub goers and brewers and a user’s guide to drinking in Cardiff

-Stay up to date with everything else that is going on at What’s Going on in Cardiff and Wales Online

-Looking for a race? Look no further then the Cardiff Forumula Student Racing Team (FS), a cooperative with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

-Looking for web talent? Cardiff Web Scene is a place for web developers, interactive designers and web enthusiasts who live and work in and around Cardiff

-Whether you are looking for a high wire adventure, Cardiff Skateboard Club, surf or bike shop, Cardiff has your sport. For those looking to ride a motorcycle head on over to 1st Class Rider

-Protect your garden from being developed with a little help with Garden Grabbing in Cardiff!

-Cardiff Bay Rediscovered Torchwood Tourism - Cardiff Bay’s redevelopment makes it the flagship of the Welsh capital

-Guardian’s beat blogger for Cardiff talks about breaking the boundaries between blogger and journalist in this video

-Where to go next? Judging by this post which touches on which is better Cardiff or the Cayman Islands, since we are in Cardiff, its off to the Caymans next…

*Directly below you will find a mix from the Cardiff Arts Institute


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Ninjas on the Net : Tokyo

For this edition of Ninjas on the Net, we go to the heart of the ninja, the grand metropolis- Tokyo. We even put a little background this time on the way of the ninja for those that think we merely walk alongside the ninja. Leave a comment and lets connect!

-Check out the 100% Chocolate Cafe by Tokyo Station, a new foray into the world of fine and exotic chocolates by Meiji Chocolate

-Manhole bags, kevlar knifeproof school uniforms, and a vending machine disguise aparatus are some of the crime fighting clothing designs currently in style to the Japanese, who are attuned to any type of social fraying, which is currently being fanned by a sensationalist news media

-Tokyo Journal interviews the one and only, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi on the new millennium ninja:

The ninja were so successful at keeping their arts, methods and activities in the background of history that they almost wiped themselves out of it. To find myths, folklore, ancient texts and even cartoons related to the ninja and their art is easy in modern Japan. Finding something that still has a basis in reality is next to impossible. Ancient texts are written in codes or flowery language that to this day historians cannot understand. This reinforces the popular, present day, mistaken stereotype of what the ninja really were and what they really did. Through time people tend to forget that history, folklore and legends all have a basis in reality. These super humans were human beings.

-Need a good hostel in the center of the city? TryAKhaosan Tokyo Ninja

-Head on over to some of the city’s best sushi atAGonpachi

-Eco-vending machines, solar powered electronics and new packaging are some of the five "coolest" eco innovations happening right now

-Looking to find an intimate guide to the Tokyo art world? Let Chin Music Press pave the way..

-Read the Z Notes or the official blog of the U.S. Embassy Tokyo

-Restaurant reviews in Tokyo, from Vinography, a wine blog

-And finally, an agricultural revolution is taking place..underground

Have a suggestion on a city for us ninjas? Let us know at info [at] myninjaplease [dot] com

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Ninjas on the Net : Adelaide

YouTube Preview Image

From the purple ninjas to white ninjas there was a true, multicolor Ninja Raid on Adelaide (2009), in flash mob fashion of course..

The last time we went traveling we ended up in Mumbai (seems like ages doesn’t it?)- it’s now time for a shift in a new direction towards South Australia, or Adelaide to be more specific.

-Need a free bike for hire? Look no further than Critical Mass Adelaide for help
-Finally the bus of dreams has been made! Here’s the world’s first solar bus or the Tindo Bus funded by The Adelaide City Council- did we mention that it was free?
-Order the "Melting Pot Degustation," a 6 course tour at the properly titled, Melting Pot Restaurant over at the Foodologist: click the link to peruse the food porn
-A chimp that you thought was just being watched is now doing the watching: a 27 year-old chimpanzee, Karta, climbed out to the top of containment after short circuiting her electric fence, but then "changed her mind about escaping" and climbed back into the enclosure. Visit the Adelaide Zoo -Look out for the 11 day Adelaide Film Festival-Virtual tours of the Botanic Gardens, the Glass Footbridge and other highlights of the city here-With summer already coming to a close in this hemisphere, check out Adelaide Fringe 2010, the "other" multi-arts festival of the city

    Be sure to attend Wild Law, October 16-28, 2009: Australia’s first conference on earth jurisprudence, or natural law (as seen below from Friends of the Earth Adelaide)


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    Ninjas on the Net : Mumbai


    What a trip Italia was for certain. It took us all the way to Mumbai didn’t it. And since we are in the city where there are 45,000 people per square kilometer and two thirds of the residents of Mumbai live in 5% of the land area, you know this is a city of the future!!

    -Come celebrate the serpentine and move like one at the the Ganesh festival- you might get to see the praised…
    -The city is building. Look at these 4 different views of the new Dynamix-Balwas Tower (DB Tower)
    -A two-home plot made of bamboo and disconnected by a pool and an open court….when I’m in Studio Mumbai-Probably the nastiest design of a sky scraper this chap has ever seen- or maybe just the nastiest integrated "living wall"….anyway here is the Antilia Tower-Apparently the train situation is more dense than Japon, mi ninja por favor!
    -Suketu Mehta gives a local view of the Maximum City of Gold, what was Bombay
    -Watch Aur Irani Chai, a short about the Zorastrian and Muslim Iranian tea merchants of Mumbai at say you can’t escape or enter the city, when in doubt refer to this interactive map of Mumbai
    -With a non mention of the remainder of the city’s food- try the rasta sandwiches and the rasta bhel
    -Do not miss the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, the festival is in the streets!
    -Enter the Mumbai Mayors Cup International Open Chess Tournament, May 10-19
    -And lastly for the listers: places to party, 101 things to do and Mumbai art galleries for days


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      Ninjas on the Net : Venezia


      We’ve gone to Firenze, Roma, and Milano, but Venezia?

      What is going on in Venezia?

      -Greetings from Taiwan to the island city in book form
      -Venezia non e un albergo : PASS IT ON
      -Yall just missed the The 6th Festival of Contemporary Dance of Venice Biennal, maybe next year.
      -Speaking of next year, DONT SLEEP on this festival of media-A photo of the most dysfunctional doorway in Venice
      -Do you believe in advertising or just the illest luggage turnstile on the planet?
      -Where the Bellinis flowed and Carolee Schneeman posed with a bird in paradise, is where Galileo first used a telescope to discover the Moons of Jupiter.
      -For all the haters and lovers of Venezia; the factory-Venezian food from a Japanese view-Pow Wow at the Guggenheim : Ludovico de Luigi at the Venetian Cat

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        Ninjas on the Net : Milano


        Welcome once again to…..Ninjas on the Net : Edition Milano. Milano definitly takes the prize for having the greatest impact on the internets and their blogos. For this feature we will be taking on a design theme go figure.


        What is going on in Milano?

        -Even older cats got crazy style-Learn how the press, pr and fashion windows coexist at the world’s fashion scene
        -Try this recipe of the Milano Cookie [Vegan] dropped from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
        -Modular shelving? MY NINJA PLEASE this is the sh**
        -Peep the The Salone del Mobile Internazionale and some interesting layouts-Milano 2.0 : If you speak Italiano, this is where you want to be
        -And just for kicks, from our friends over at Jay-Blog - an Alfa Romeo Milano-To contrast, some amazing fotos of Milano and her advertising guises AKA Ballerina, Soldier, Sumo-Finally : "the tag it forward" 5 things about you bandwagon game from a Milano perspective

          //As an added bonus this week, we have included the greatest music video of all time.

          YouTube Preview Image

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          Ninjas on the Net : Roma


          We’ve featured Firenze and now here is Roma. Let us untangle the nexus that is Italia……..and see which one of these to be accounted city-states holds down the net. Speaking of which……….Roma’s got the nicest map up until now….


          What is going on in Roma?

          -Post-It Notes are creating a scene in the city, or namely walls of notes..
          -Romas are organizing [and celebrating] on International Roma Day, April 8th : are there Romas in Roma?
          -The wholesale appropriationing of art is causing some musing problems of their own amongst the local gallerists….
          -Accolade infested and music collectively-based, the Accelerators return to Roma
          -Sebastiano del Piombo : A Forgotten Artist Gets a Second Life in Rome
          -The best pizza of all the land-Will the rise of xenophobia bring Roma back from the ashes?
          -….and finally : this is what happens when President Bush visits Roma


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            Ninjas on the Net : Firenze


            Be sure to head on over to AMNP‘s recent Video Sunday to explore the questions of working with doubt…shifting sideways, it is now time for a MNP approach to the Ninjas on the ‘Net…..cause that biz is too ill!

            What is going on in Florence (Firenze)?

            -Jason Arkles fills the last niche with a first at St. Marks English Church
            -Cina: alla Corte degli imperatori (China: at the Court of the Emperors) is currently on exhibit
            -Italian idiomatic expressions are food for thought!
            -read about the future of energy and Italy-learn the recipe of the ‘best’ gelato in all the land found at Gelateria Grom
            -the science of art : a journey to preserve Sebastiano Mainardi
            -The Shock of the Old : Stendhal Syndrome
            -PEEP these stairs and tell me you wouldn’t want to stay here-a general walk-through of the world of the Renaissance Art & Architecture of the city
            -photographs from Del Giglio : Lingua : Arte : Cultura-"Usability evaluation is not a universal panacea." -a take from CHI 2008-Florence by Net-Il sindaco di Firenze querela Wikipedia


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