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Jamie Lynn Spears Reproduction Rap

YouTube Preview Image

Yes, that is a giant sperm she’s riding.


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Posted: July 31st, 2008
at 11:24am by Black Ock

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Ninja Homes: Tattoo House


[Image: Night few of the Tattoo House - a kitchen+living space addition]

I should start by saying that Andrew Maynard - with the lofty goal of ‘complete tyrannical world domination‘ [sounds familiar…] - has already reached 9th dan ninja status, and I’m pretty sure he’s not even thirty [so in architecture terms, he’s basically a child]. The Aussie architect has a unique and thoughtful approach to design, and should be watched closely by all those interested in quality, green, and seemingly low-cost buildings.

Here we have the Tattoo House - an addition to an existing 3 bedroom home in Fitzroy North [a suburb of Melbourne] providing the current residents with new living and kitchen space, opening onto a new deck.


[Image: Close-up of the house’s ‘tattoo’ and the shadows it creates]

Many of the design decisions behind the Tattoo House were based on the budget, along with local building requirements - truly using the project’s restrictions to drive the design. The addition is therefore simple square - where each element serves multiple functions for ‘maximum return’. More design for your buck.


[Image: View of the kitchen - in particular the counter in the back as it becomes the landing for the stairs to the second level]

The new kitchen, located on the ground floor, is an open plan with large sliding glass panels that allow the space to be opened to the outside - merging with the deck to form an even larger interior/exterior room, which is accentuated by the double-height area created along the exterior wall.


[Image: View of kitchen/dining area’s double height space, which opens onto the deck]

Above, on the second level, a new family room overlooks the kitchen’s double height space and is given a nice level of privacy by the house’s ‘tattoo’ - UV stable stickers in the form of tree supergraphics, based on images of trees from a local park. More than a simple decoration, the tree graphic is a response to the local building council requiring that the second storey spaces be at 75% opacity. The solution screens the inside - eliminating the need for curtains, reflects heat and glare away from the expansive windows - controlling solar heat gain, and [last but definitely not least] creates an incredible play of light + shadow on the additions interior surface. Pretty siiick.


[Image: View showing kitchen opening onto exterior deck, forming a new, large open space]

Head on over to Andre Maynard Architects’ website for more images [pages 1, 2, 3, 4, sketches + info on the ‘tattoo’] and an array of noteworthy projects.

::Images courtesy of Andrew Maynard Architects - photography by Peter Bennetts - originally posted on AMNP::

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Posted: July 30th, 2008
at 2:30pm by orangemenace

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Japanese Show of the Week #20

This is a bit of a twist on what we usually do with this feature, but, I simply had to post this. This week, we’re taking you back to the… eighties?

YouTube Preview Image

Yes… Spiderman DOES have a big robot…

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Posted: July 30th, 2008
at 11:57am by Black Ock

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Who got that Vocab?!


vitiateAA -A viAtiAate

-verb (used with object), -atAed, -atAing.
1.AAA to impair the quality of; make faulty; spoil.
2.AAA to impair or weaken the effectiveness of.
3.AAA to debase; corrupt; pervert.
4.AAA to make legally defective or invalid; invalidate: to vitiate a claim.

You mean like Wolfowitz and the constitution?A Well, in a (mo’ betta) sentence:

"Let’s dump on these punks, cutty; let’s vitiate these hoes, my ninja!"

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Posted: July 30th, 2008
at 11:15am by Black Ock

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Rediculous [sic] Tattoos


So, I was out "cruising the forums" and flaming n00bs like I usually do when… wait, actually, what happened was my friend’s mom sent me an email of photos of the 8 best hugs from the L magazine, of which I decided the one above was the best (provided that the polar bear does not proceed to bite the dog’s neck off.. neck… off).


Anyhow, after being thoroughly entertained already, I then moved on to cruising the forums and flaming n00bs like I usually do and I stumbled upon this post of the 10 Greatest Misspelled Tattoos. I’m not going to post all the pictures there, but I will say you should check out their blog. The joint is pretty fab, um, to borrow an expression.


And about that polar bear, what the feezy? Does it think that the dog is another bear? As ninjas know, it’s shark week on the Discovery Channel. Last night I watched an amazing program with a free diver swimming with tiger sharks. He seems to forge a friendship with one particular shark (Dolores) and is able to ride on her back and FEED her! [Ed. Watching a human feed a huge shark from his hand was another "whatthefeezy" moment. ]

The program also shows multiple species of sharks feeding together, which was previously thought to be impossible. Maybe the dog and the bear have a similar thing going.

Anyoldways, we’re giving away a $50 AMEX gift card for the best caption to the polar bear picture, so leave us a comment or email us at

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Posted: July 30th, 2008
at 9:47am by Black Ock

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Spreeding is Fundamental


Visit and see how fast your ninja brain can process words! The following excerpt is from their about page:

What is speed reading?

Reading with speed. ‘Nuf said. Actually, the idea behind speed reading is that we can process information much faster than we actually do in real life with a book in our hands. Several factors affect our reading speed, like subvocalization (the little voice inside our heads that reads along with us and slows us down), backtracing (rereading parts over and over again), etc.

The purpose behind apps like these is to train our minds to get rid of all the other crap. So, by having a steady input of text, we erase our dependency on backtracing. By increasing the reading speed, subvocalization can’t keep up and eventually goes away. The key here is that we don’t need to subvocalize to process information, as much as we may think we do.

What if I can’t read that fast?

You can use this application as a trainer as well as just a tool to read at your own pace. It does actually help to up the reading speed and just try to get as much as you can from an article, even if you’re not getting every word. It takes time, but you’ll soon realize that you can absorb a lot more information than you thought you were capable of.

What is the chunk size?

Chunk size is the number of words you see on the screen at any one point in time. As a beginner, you might want to start out with just one word chunks. As you increase in proficiency, you’ll find that you can take in (read: understand) more than one word per instant. Increasing reading speed is more about being able to take larger chunks than it is about the speed at which the words flicker across the screen. You need to develop both to become a true speed reading ninja.
Optimal window size?

Beginners probably want a large width and relatively small height (i.e. 800 x 100), just because when you’re beginning out you’ll be taking in small chunks (1 - 4 words at a time), and you won’t want to wrap the text. As you increase your speed reading proficiency, you’ll increase the chunk size. It’s easier to read chunks in block format (multiple lines of text), than one long string across your monitor.

Thanks to Justin, and his multifarious away message.

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Posted: July 29th, 2008
at 10:24am by Black Ock

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When Pigs Attack

YouTube Preview Image

For starters - MNP doesn’t have some adolescent issue with the police. The fact just is, some cops are assholes. And, unfortunately for every other decent officer, an asshole cop is worse than an asshole in most other professions. For instance - an asshole architect? She/he can be condescending, and…elitist. That’s about it. An asshole teacher can fail you, an asshole chef can spit in your food, an asshole blogger can verbally attack you online…but an asshole cop can do what this one did - knock you off a moving bicycle and beat your ass. Sure, he got stripped of his badge and gun - but only after this ninja got got and then spent 26 hours in jail for ‘resisting arrest’, aka ‘trying to protect himself from getting an un-provoked ass-kicking by an asshole’.

How dare he. What a punk. Next time I see a guy on a bike, I think I’ll knock him off too.
Oh, and they were riding the bikes for Critical Mass - a green biking movement. What bad-asses. If we don’t stop them now, who knows what they’ll do next.

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Posted: July 29th, 2008
at 10:13am by orangemenace

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Human Mirror

Another Improv Everywhere trick:

YouTube Preview Image

What would you do?

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Posted: July 29th, 2008
at 9:23am by Black Ock

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"…and on Halloween I dress as a slave owner…"

YouTube Preview Image

I don’t know how this fool made it on to the site but… he’s semi-hilarious.

You know how YouTube now does all that overlay advertising? If you don’t, I’m not sure what to tell you. Well, what does it say about that when I get an ad for Nestle’s Nesquik during this here video?

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Posted: July 29th, 2008
at 9:01am by Black Ock

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