Allen Vandever art post "Shedding One’s Skin"


Shedding One’s Skin Acrylic by Allen Vandever

This strange being convulses violently until her release, but once in the air of the world outside its shell, it writhes and shrinks from the sun too hot mercilessly scorching its translucent skin, too bright for the pupils in their first exposure to its rays. She has wrenched apart her soft underside from the hardened, weatherworn shell once donning her beautiful face. She is not the worm becoming moth; she is a detestable carrion bird emerging from timber not yet lit. A scavenger of her own body left on a pyre not aflame for ashes. She is saturated in all the secretions of a gapping wound, her body raw, tender, and vulnerable. My lady must walk in darkness; she must walk alone in the black of her despair until she brings herself to walk in the light once more. In these shadows I cannot reach her, she does not see my hand, does not see my face or even hear my voice. She has foregone her shell and with it everything of her life, including myself. Her shell reclines in a posture of malaise- a haunting reminder of how easily she slipped away from me.


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Posted: November 28th, 2009
at 6:13pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Categories: art,contemporary,philosophy,art theory

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  1. well this is not the kind of art I like… Allen Vandever did not make me feel good feelings. And if art dont do this, for what else should it be? critics? theory for theory? caotic behaviour? well… many people will like it!


    8 Apr 11 at 11:10 pm



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