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Allen Vandevers art post


Kiss Acrylic, Epoxy Resin By Allen Vandever

After being a work in progress for more than 8 years, this piece has finally reached the point where I feel it accurately portrays my vision.? Like numerous others, this painting represents my dream state, often blurring and bleeding into my waking state, though it never infiltrates the clarity of my analysis of either.? The two women?s bodies are made up of other women?s faces, representing all the other lives and experiences contained in the spirit of each individual being.? The woman on the right is ablaze with the passion of this moment, so much so, that her hair seems to melt into, and become a part of the evening sun.? This is balanced with the cooling blue that makes up the rest of the background, illustrating the ease of their connection?the uninhibited fluidity of their union, running without restraint.? Also, like many in this series, this painting is made up of multiple layers of epoxy resin (8-12), creating a visually tangible depth, which accomplishes quite a few things.? First, upper levels often cast shadows on lower ones, changing the image as one moves around it.? Also, it allows the viewer to see the steps the Artist has taken to create the ?whole? image.? Through this process, I hope to create not only a feeling of visual depth, but of metaphysical depth as well.? I hope to further illustrate this point as additional works are shown and discussed on this forum.

This painting is currently ranked number #1 at ranked art. Please check out the web site and rank my art.

I also love feed back so leave a comment let me know your thoughts


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Brian Bress - The Portrait Room

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to Mike @ photohopeful.blogspot for the link!

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Quote of the Day


Caption: Xtreme Bboys (Senegal). Urbanation BBoy Festival. Dakar. 6/6 Break competition. July 19th, 2008. Photo via Alexandre Foulonoulon

"In 2000, rappers spoke about how we could change the nation. People understood and we changed the government. Until we spoke people didn’t believe this could happen," says Baay Bia, a 32-year-old award-winning rapper from Dakar.


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A Dozen : ABOVE

Continuing with our efforts to connect with contemporary artists around the world for the feature A Dozen, this week we would like to re-expose the work of ABOVE. You can see two of his excellent videos, "Bridge the Divide" in the Column and "When in Rome" here. Like last week we are going to start things off with a couple of videos from the artist’s Vimeo Channel and the follow with our Interview.

Where are you from and who are you?

I’m from earth and I’m human.

You got your start in graffiti, what does your name Above signify?

Many things I believe, mostly challenges, rising to the occasion, and acknowledging that we all fall down and need to get back up…I mean above.


250+ free cans of spray paint to crazy with, it was like being a kid in a candy store! A big thank you to Montana Colors from Barcelona for the Paint!

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2007

Getting your start with the "arrows" in 2002, how have you seen its direction evolve?

I have been aware that my style of artworks really relate the the environment and travel plan. If I’m doing a large tour the works might be more based in quantity rather than quality. If I have more time to observe a location and create a more in-depth piece then I’ll strive to do this. I don’t like to pigeon hole myself into just 1 style of artworks. I like to explore and challenge myself with learning new styles and ways to make artworks. Having said that my works change from doing an iconic "Arrow logo" to large mural style "Word/Play" paintings to stenciled figurative imagery. I think all my works however have a big relationship with their site specific location and positioning.

From Estonia to Brazil, you have traveled widely- where would you like to go next?

The world is a big place. There are many tempting locations I am focused on touring these next years. S.E. Asia, Africa, Moscow to Beijing, Australia, Middle east, north and south poles, on and on and on.


A Dyslexic is able to find Amor in Roma without much effort! Many people associate Roma with being Romantic. I personally associate Roma with sore abdominal muscles due to leaning over and hanging upside down while painting backwards from a rooftop all night.

Ailati, Amor, 5002

What has been your favorite work of art?

None and all of them at different times. I like the works of art that make me get an adrenaline rush from executing them in the street. The one’s that give me a nice feeling of accomplishment.

Your wordplay pieces have been executed throughout South America, how do you choose a proper location?

I walk around a lot just observing and seeing what presents itself.



Being on Capital Hill in Seattle reminded me of being on Haight Street in San Francisco because of all of the open and visible drug use. The exception was that on Haight street people smoke weed, while Capital Hill there were shooting Heroin.

"It’s all fun and games until you step on a dirty needle."
- Junkie Proverb.

Seattle Washington, U.S.A. 2004

How do you use video to better expose your art?

I like documenting my artworks because the majority of the time I use the site specific location incorporated into my artworks (see previous answer). A photo is just 1 angle and I like to strive to have many different angles and timing in my artworks. Thanks Vimeo!

In your video, "Bridge the Divide," that wall is monstrous, what inspired you to make this piece?

Pink Floyd’s song as well as the fact that I was painting on a large brick wall. I kept whistling that song while I was painting that letterstyle. …All and all, you just another brick in the wall…


It was a calm Sunday afternoon and I was leaving for Mexico the next morning. I had some left over paint and some time on my hands. 2 hours later and a few beers with some friends, this piece was completed.

Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2008

What tips can you give to people that want to travel around the world on a shoestring budget?

Pack your backpack with what your taking, Then unpack it and throw out 1/2 of the shit you packed and thought you needed. Passing off counterfeit money is best when buying more than 50% the price of something so you don’t get too much suspecting as to why you gave 100 Euro bill for a pack of gum? Tie your shoes in double knots so when your running you don’t trip on loose laces. Have fun and keep your head up.

It seems like you know people in "high and low" places, how do you make so many connections?

Hanging around the right places at the wrong times.


"Dejando lo mejor para el final"(Save the Best for Last)

Many/All of the Buildings in this Industrial Zone in Bogota were being torn down and re-built. I can only assume that this building was soon to be demolished, and chances are by now it already is!

Bogota, Colombia

What inspired you to give away 100% of your profits from the "Giving to the Poor" print to charity?

The fact that I didn’t want to exploit the homeless woman in the photo to my financial advantage. I wanted to make a comment and show how sick as people we can become not taking care of our fellow humans. It felt great to have sold out and donated a large chunk of cash to 2 selected homeless shelters.

Can you please in detail describe your alchemical practices that help achieve a levitated state of existence?

It’s all broken down on my website in the Frequently Asked Questions.


Ri >> Chpoor (Stealing from the rich and giving to the Poor)

The good intention excuses the bad action- Portuguese Proverb

Lisbon, Portugal, 2008

When will your world domination be complete?

When the aliens come to earth and get me out of here. Then its another story.


The relationship and co-dependency of both characters in need of
the others interaction to find happiness is both sensual and vulnerable.

Madrid, Spain, June 2009

::All images courtesy of Above ::

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Ninja Homes: L House


Here we have the L House by the Polish firm moomoo architects -proposed for a site in ??d?, Poland. The home - which is another in this popular simplified gable form, which looks like a child drew the end elevation in an art class - is set to be completed in 2010. This simplified massing is based on a traditional Polish home, both in the simple elevation and in the way that the roof slopes upward from one side of the structure to the other.


To achieve the clean + continuous form of the home, moomoo is using a plastic insulating material named Thermopian - which is usually reserved for roofs. This both creates these smooth, unbroken wall/roof surfaces, and allows the home to be built in just about any color the designers choose.


The plan is simple and efficient, making for a modestly sized home - the only detail in plan that is really worth pointing out specifically is that wall splitting off at an angle from the main volume of the house. Apparently local building codes require that the building’s facade be parallel to the site boundary - and this is the architects’ way of meeting this local requirement while having the house oriented in the direction they would prefer. It does make for an interesting window looking at what seems to be an essentially unusable space, perhaps protecting the inhabitants’ privacy from the street.





.:moomoo architects->

.:view more of our Ninja Homes feature, here->

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Posted: October 22nd, 2009
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Japanese Show of the Week #25

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"Wail to God" Music Video

The official music video for Ape School’s ‘Wail to God’. Animated/ Directed by Anthony F. Schepperd.

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Charting the World’s Entrepreneur Ecosystem>

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This Is How Fairies Do It by Allen Vandever


Mating Fairies Acrylic and Epoxy Resin 18×24 by Allen Vandever

Ian, one of the founders of this site, encouraged me to make weekly postings of my work, to help gain feedback and foster dialogue from the public. So, this is the first of many to come.

This painting is based on a mythological concept I have created about the world of fairies. This series reflects my thought process as I compile the details of the story for my graphic novel, though it will probably be in production for quite a while. In this world, all fairies take on the form of women, but they are not asexual, they simply use another species to reproduce, this species being flora, in many of its forms. They collect pollen all year 'round to become sexually mature, and use the nectar of flowers to impregnate each other. The flowers that are exposed to the fairies grow back more beautiful the following year as well. You will have to wait to find out exactly how this is done! But, in the meantime I will continue to paint such images that you may see the progress of the series. Feel free to comment on my work: .

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