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Here we have the L House by the Polish firm moomoo architects -proposed for a site in ??d?, Poland. The home - which is another in this popular simplified gable form, which looks like a child drew the end elevation in an art class - is set to be completed in 2010. This simplified massing is based on a traditional Polish home, both in the simple elevation and in the way that the roof slopes upward from one side of the structure to the other.


To achieve the clean + continuous form of the home, moomoo is using a plastic insulating material named Thermopian - which is usually reserved for roofs. This both creates these smooth, unbroken wall/roof surfaces, and allows the home to be built in just about any color the designers choose.


The plan is simple and efficient, making for a modestly sized home - the only detail in plan that is really worth pointing out specifically is that wall splitting off at an angle from the main volume of the house. Apparently local building codes require that the building’s facade be parallel to the site boundary - and this is the architects’ way of meeting this local requirement while having the house oriented in the direction they would prefer. It does make for an interesting window looking at what seems to be an essentially unusable space, perhaps protecting the inhabitants’ privacy from the street.





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Posted: October 22nd, 2009
at 10:30am by orangemenace

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