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Kiss Acrylic, Epoxy Resin By Allen Vandever

After being a work in progress for more than 8 years, this piece has finally reached the point where I feel it accurately portrays my vision.? Like numerous others, this painting represents my dream state, often blurring and bleeding into my waking state, though it never infiltrates the clarity of my analysis of either.? The two women?s bodies are made up of other women?s faces, representing all the other lives and experiences contained in the spirit of each individual being.? The woman on the right is ablaze with the passion of this moment, so much so, that her hair seems to melt into, and become a part of the evening sun.? This is balanced with the cooling blue that makes up the rest of the background, illustrating the ease of their connection?the uninhibited fluidity of their union, running without restraint.? Also, like many in this series, this painting is made up of multiple layers of epoxy resin (8-12), creating a visually tangible depth, which accomplishes quite a few things.? First, upper levels often cast shadows on lower ones, changing the image as one moves around it.? Also, it allows the viewer to see the steps the Artist has taken to create the ?whole? image.? Through this process, I hope to create not only a feeling of visual depth, but of metaphysical depth as well.? I hope to further illustrate this point as additional works are shown and discussed on this forum.

This painting is currently ranked number #1 at ranked art. Please check out the web site and rank my art.

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Posted: October 24th, 2009
at 2:44am by Koookiecrumbles

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This Is How Fairies Do It by Allen Vandever


Mating Fairies Acrylic and Epoxy Resin 18×24 by Allen Vandever

Ian, one of the founders of this site, encouraged me to make weekly postings of my work, to help gain feedback and foster dialogue from the public. So, this is the first of many to come.

This painting is based on a mythological concept I have created about the world of fairies. This series reflects my thought process as I compile the details of the story for my graphic novel, though it will probably be in production for quite a while. In this world, all fairies take on the form of women, but they are not asexual, they simply use another species to reproduce, this species being flora, in many of its forms. They collect pollen all year 'round to become sexually mature, and use the nectar of flowers to impregnate each other. The flowers that are exposed to the fairies grow back more beautiful the following year as well. You will have to wait to find out exactly how this is done! But, in the meantime I will continue to paint such images that you may see the progress of the series. Feel free to comment on my work: .

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Posted: October 20th, 2009
at 11:15pm by Koookiecrumbles

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