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Be sure to head on over to AMNP‘s recent Video Sunday to explore the questions of working with doubt…shifting sideways, it is now time for a MNP approach to the Ninjas on the ‘Net…..cause that biz is too ill!

What is going on in Florence (Firenze)?

-Jason Arkles fills the last niche with a first at St. Marks English Church
-Cina: alla Corte degli imperatori (China: at the Court of the Emperors) is currently on exhibit
-Italian idiomatic expressions are food for thought!
-read about the future of energy and Italy-learn the recipe of the ‘best’ gelato in all the land found at Gelateria Grom
-the science of art : a journey to preserve Sebastiano Mainardi
-The Shock of the Old : Stendhal Syndrome
-PEEP these stairs and tell me you wouldn’t want to stay here-a general walk-through of the world of the Renaissance Art & Architecture of the city
-photographs from Del Giglio : Lingua : Arte : Cultura-"Usability evaluation is not a universal panacea." -a take from CHI 2008-Florence by Net-Il sindaco di Firenze querela Wikipedia



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Posted: June 5th, 2008
at 9:01am by Koookiecrumbles

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