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Ninjas on the Net : Mumbai


What a trip Italia was for certain. It took us all the way to Mumbai didn’t it. And since we are in the city where there are 45,000 people per square kilometer and two thirds of the residents of Mumbai live in 5% of the land area, you know this is a city of the future!!

-Come celebrate the serpentine and move like one at the the Ganesh festival- you might get to see the praised…
-The city is building. Look at these 4 different views of the new Dynamix-Balwas Tower (DB Tower)
-A two-home plot made of bamboo and disconnected by a pool and an open court….when I’m in Studio Mumbai-Probably the nastiest design of a sky scraper this chap has ever seen- or maybe just the nastiest integrated "living wall"….anyway here is the Antilia Tower-Apparently the train situation is more dense than Japon, mi ninja por favor!
-Suketu Mehta gives a local view of the Maximum City of Gold, what was Bombay
-Watch Aur Irani Chai, a short about the Zorastrian and Muslim Iranian tea merchants of Mumbai at say you can’t escape or enter the city, when in doubt refer to this interactive map of Mumbai
-With a non mention of the remainder of the city’s food- try the rasta sandwiches and the rasta bhel
-Do not miss the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, the festival is in the streets!
-Enter the Mumbai Mayors Cup International Open Chess Tournament, May 10-19
-And lastly for the listers: places to party, 101 things to do and Mumbai art galleries for days



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    Posted: August 29th, 2008
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