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For this edition of Ninjas on the Net, we go to the heart of the ninja, the grand metropolis- Tokyo. We even put a little background this time on the way of the ninja for those that think we merely walk alongside the ninja. Leave a comment and lets connect!

-Check out the 100% Chocolate Cafe by Tokyo Station, a new foray into the world of fine and exotic chocolates by Meiji Chocolate

-Manhole bags, kevlar knifeproof school uniforms, and a vending machine disguise aparatus are some of the crime fighting clothing designs currently in style to the Japanese, who are attuned to any type of social fraying, which is currently being fanned by a sensationalist news media

-Tokyo Journal interviews the one and only, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi on the new millennium ninja:

The ninja were so successful at keeping their arts, methods and activities in the background of history that they almost wiped themselves out of it. To find myths, folklore, ancient texts and even cartoons related to the ninja and their art is easy in modern Japan. Finding something that still has a basis in reality is next to impossible. Ancient texts are written in codes or flowery language that to this day historians cannot understand. This reinforces the popular, present day, mistaken stereotype of what the ninja really were and what they really did. Through time people tend to forget that history, folklore and legends all have a basis in reality. These super humans were human beings.

-Need a good hostel in the center of the city? TryAKhaosan Tokyo Ninja

-Head on over to some of the city’s best sushi atAGonpachi

-Eco-vending machines, solar powered electronics and new packaging are some of the five "coolest" eco innovations happening right now

-Looking to find an intimate guide to the Tokyo art world? Let Chin Music Press pave the way..

-Read the Z Notes or the official blog of the U.S. Embassy Tokyo

-Restaurant reviews in Tokyo, from Vinography, a wine blog

-And finally, an agricultural revolution is taking place..underground

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Posted: March 8th, 2010
at 9:54am by Koookiecrumbles

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