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Ninjas on the Net : Venezia


We’ve gone to Firenze, Roma, and Milano, but Venezia?

What is going on in Venezia?

-Greetings from Taiwan to the island city in book form
-Venezia non e un albergo : PASS IT ON
-Yall just missed the The 6th Festival of Contemporary Dance of Venice Biennal, maybe next year.
-Speaking of next year, DONT SLEEP on this festival of media-A photo of the most dysfunctional doorway in Venice
-Do you believe in advertising or just the illest luggage turnstile on the planet?
-Where the Bellinis flowed and Carolee Schneeman posed with a bird in paradise, is where Galileo first used a telescope to discover the Moons of Jupiter.
-For all the haters and lovers of Venezia; the factory-Venezian food from a Japanese view-Pow Wow at the Guggenheim : Ludovico de Luigi at the Venetian Cat


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    Posted: July 22nd, 2008
    at 9:11am by Koookiecrumbles

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