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How We Die in 2030


Let’s be real with it: we’re all gonna die [well, not me - but that’s not the point]. That said - knowing how many of you are going to go could be interesting, in a wicked morbid kind of way. With that in mind, we bring you the World Health Organization’s Global Burden of Disease Report.


To summarize, the WHO predicts a drop in HIV/AIDS related deaths, and increasing numbers of elderly [yay, you’ll live longer!] that will cause an increase in cardiovascular diseases. Sounds like a blast!

The WHO report updates information on the global burden of disease based on measurements from 2004 and projects how disease will affect the human population through 2030. Perhaps the most significant change it predicts is a global decline in deaths from communicable diseases. HIV/AIDS, the sixth leading cause of death in 2004 worldwide, is expected to peak around 2012 and drop to the number ten position by 2030. Other communicable diseases are expected to decline more quickly; tuberculosis, the seventh leading cause of death in 2004, is expected to plummet to number 23.

The sharp decline in communicable disease death will mean an increased aging population, especially in lower income countries, which means a greater proportion of the global population will die from diseases developed later in life, such as ischemic heart disease and cancers. But changes in global development and behaviors will also contribute to increases in certain causes of death. The WHO indicates that a global increase in tobacco smoking in middle- and low-income countries will bolster deaths from cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and some cancers. And increased transportation development and more crowded roads will help increase deaths from traffic accidents.


.:WHO Global Burden of Disease -> via io9


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Posted: December 4th, 2008
at 5:05am by orangemenace

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Passion of the Weiss

…brings us a list of 10/songs/albums/artists that people should never have sex to (again).

#1 - Cornball Stevie Songs (I just called to say I love you/You are the sunshine of my life)

YouTube Preview Image

Ia€™m not going to tell you that these songs dona€™t serve a purposea€"they do: father-daughter dances at Bat-Mitzvaha€™s, weddings between accountants and interpreted with polyester flair by Marty and Elayne at the Dresden. Unless your goal is inducing flashbacks to that luau-themed day where your special lady celebrated the blossoming of her womanhood by reading a halftorah portion on Jonah and the Whale, steer clear of maudlin Stevie. Shita€™s schmaltzier than a Henny Youngman joke.

Recommended alternative: Wondera€™s a€oeBoogie On Reggae Woman.a€A Particularly, if your significant other had a a€oePhish phase;a€A though if she asks to hear the Moe cover, fleeing is strongly encouraged.

.::Read the entire list via -> Passion of the Weiss

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Posted: November 17th, 2008
at 10:54am by Black Ock

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Yo-Yo iPod Charger


Always forgetting to charge your iPod/iPhone, leaving you without music and phone service? Can’t get to an outlet? No sun where you live? Well, then there’s still a way for you get a charge: the iYo.

Yes, this is actually a concept for a yo-yo that will power your iGadget, designed by Swedish industrial designer Peter Thuvander. If these things actually get manufactured, they might bring back the yo-yo for reals. I’d buy one…


As you can imagine from its name, the iYo is a yoyo-powered induction charger for your iPhone. This concept was created by Thuvander since Sweden is dark six months out of a year, so solar chargers don’t really work well. The iYo creates a charge by moving up and down on its string, just like a yo-yo. This is the first yo-yo-based charging system that we’ve ever seen.

iYO YOYO from Peter Muungano on Vimeo.

.:iYO Induction: The Green Way of Charging Your iPhone -> Apartment Therapy

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Posted: November 7th, 2008
at 9:30am by orangemenace

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A dawn to savour, but a tough tomorrow


CHICAGO — Barack Obama’s convincing victory has redefined a fractured, troubled America.

There have been few nights in the annals of this republic to equal the one we are waking from. The first true democracy, which survived its revolution and its civil war, defeated the dictators and reached the moon, last night elected a black president. Suddenly, "historic" seems too small a word.

Historic, also, are the challenges facing the man who will be the 44th president of the United States. The economy teeters on the abyss; foes and competitors test the restless giant on every front. And rarely has a president come to office with so little experience in rising to such challenges.

Yet Mr. Obama confronts this grim agenda with a powerful weapon not available to any of his recent predecessors: While previous presidential elections have revealed the cultural fissures the plagued America, last night was an act of union. The defining question of the coming years is whether he can hold that union together.

Mr. Obama’s victory spanned the nation. He won in the grim cities of the decaying industrial Midwest, and the cockpit of racial segregation, Virginia.

He owned the farm fields of Iowa and the desert and peaks of New Mexico.

He united the Atlantic with the Pacific with the Great Lakes with the Mississippi with the Gulf.

He united passionately enthused African Americans with grudgingly accepting working-class whites; young voters suddenly infused with old-fashioned sixties idealism with grey hairs who never thought they’d live to see such a thing.

They voted in what appeared to be unprecedented numbers, standing in line for hours, sometimes in the rain, to make this day. How many Canadians would endure a six-hour wait to cast a ballot? But people did here, in advance polls and in school gyms, church basements and community centres across the country yesterday.

They knew what the day was about.

"It’s not just what he’s said, it’s what he’s shown," explained Paul Brown, a retired postal worker who is African American, and who came down to Grant Park hours before Mr. Obama was expected to appear at a victory celebration last night.

"He’s shown my grandchildren that they can become the president."

A country that, in elections past, seemed increasingly polarized by race, class and religious commitment voted for reconciliation, for unity of purpose in the face of dangers the nation confronts from within and without.

What we don’t know is whether Mr. Obama can entrench this new Democratic coalition of New Southerners, liberal Northerners, wary blue-collars, African Americans, Latinos and suddenly mobilized youth, or whether it will dissolve as the 44th president struggles to reverse economic decline and financial panic at home and a plethora of challenges and threats abroad.

Americans delivered a message to themselves that the world overheard: The last eight years were a waste. Our leaders drew the country into a war in Iraq that should never have been fought; outraged the Constitution with detention camps and torture, and brought the economy to the edge of the abyss.

Our leaders were wrong, we were wrong, the people decided. We need to start again.

They delivered that verdict in congressional races as well, from Mark Warner’s capture of a formerly Republican Senate seat to the 24th congressional district of Florida - where Suzanne Kosmas added to the Democratic majority - to North Carolina, where Democrat Kay Hagan will sit in the Senate seat once held by Jesse Helms.

That does not mean Mr. Obama has a blank cheque. Many of the new Democrats are fiscally and socially conservative - Blue Dog Democrats, as they’re called. In that respect, the new Democratic coalition resembles the union of Southern conservatives, Northern liberals, African Americans and immigrants that Franklin Roosevelt assembled in the 1930s.

That union endured until Lyndon Johnson lost the South by pushing through civil-rights legislation in the 1960s.

Mr. Obama’s new coalition is freshly minted and fragile. If he underperforms, it could unravel by the midterm election. But if he rises to this difficult occasion, the Democratic Party could enjoy a depth and breadth of support not seen in many decades.

As for the Republicans, it was as bad a night for the party as it was for John McCain. To his credit, the Arizona senator refused to drag Jeremiah Wright, Mr. Obama’s former pastor, into the race, because he feared it would worsen racial tensions. His surrogates were by no means so circumspect.

His choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be second-guessed forever. Without her, he would never have rallied the base; with her, he lost the centrist independents.

But in the end, he fought the campaign he fought, and will return to the Senate to ponder the results. The bad news in the long term for the Republican Party is that many of its remaining moderates - people such as New Hampshire’s John Sununu - were brought down, leaving the party weakened and prey to the radical evangelicals and talk show hosts who dominate its right wing. If the GOP clings to that base, perhaps with Ms. Palin as its champion, the party has no future.

Never mind all that. This is a dawn to savour for everyone who believes that the future of America is the future of the free world. Its citizens have risen magnificently to a magnificent occasion, demonstrating that the affliction of race resentments can be surmounted. Once again we have learned the lesson we keep forgetting: that entrenched assumptions can be uprooted. Peace can come to Ireland. The Cold War can end. America’s racial wounds can start to heal.

In the best of worlds, it will take half a century to heal them completely. But the nation is now firmly headed in the right direction.

Americans have shown us yet again what a fascinating, frustrating, complicated people they are. They have chosen a young black man with little experience in high office to lead them in a time of danger and complexity.

People of good will everywhere will wish him well.

.:theglobeandmail ->

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Posted: November 5th, 2008
at 5:48am by Koookiecrumbles

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Hark, My Ninjas!

YouTube Preview Image

What is about to happen in our country?AA Well, at least we know the man has an appropriately triumphant choir ready to ring out across the land!

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Posted: November 4th, 2008
at 2:44am by Black Ock

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Microsoft Ads Made on a Mac


This is old news, but still hilarious: the audio and video of the recent "I’m A PC" ads that Microsoft put out in response to Apple’s [getting tired] commercials with John Hodgman was DONE ON A MAC. Awesome.

After dumping its $10 million contract with Jerry Seinfeld after just three ads (only two of which even aired) Microsoft has created new ad copy where regular people and a few celebrities say, a€oeIa€™m a PC!a€A One problem with the campaigna€™s credibility: the ad work was created using Macs.

Flickr user LuisDS found that metadata on the creative copy of the a€oestereotyped PC usera€A and other photos appearing on Microsofta€™s a€oeIa€™m a PCa€A website revealed that they were produced using Macs running Adobe Creative Suite 3. One might expect that Microsoft would use Windows PCs running its own Microsoft Expression Studio software, which as the company advertises, a€oetakes your creative possibilities to a new level.a€A

Apparently, neither Windows PCs nor Expression Studio are up to the task of taking on Apple and destroying its globe enshrouding a€oeGet a Maca€A campaign. The image of John Hodgman as a troubled PC struggling with Vista-related problems has pushed Microsoft to defend itself with a $300 million campaign to take control of the a€oeconversation about Windows,a€A using Macs as needed to get the message produced.

.:Microsofta€™s a€Ia€™m a PCa€™ Ads Created On Macs -> via

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Posted: October 28th, 2008
at 2:00pm by orangemenace

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Guns DO Kill People

Are You F@%king Serious?

An 8 year old boy shot himself in the head with an uzi in Western Mass, and died. My first reaction? That’s terrible - but where did an 8 year old get an uzi? Oh - from the ‘certified instructor’ he was with. Here’s a thought: you should lose your ‘certified uzi instructor’ badge if you let a FUCKING EIGHT YEAR OLD fire the thing. Shit.

All you gun people are sick, for reals. You all have the right to have small dicks and automatic weapons, and now this kid is dead. Hope you’re proud of the way you’ve distorted the constitution.

Oh, and all you so called ‘adults’ who were ‘supervising’ this mess: you’re all douche bags.

.: the full story -> via the Boston Globe

Ed. Note: I’m not in the least bit sorry for freaking out.

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Posted: October 27th, 2008
at 8:28pm by orangemenace

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Ciroc Obama: Don’t Believe the Hype

YouTube Preview Image

Diddy is releasing a video blog every day until the election? I can only imagine how ignorant this is going to get…

That said, Ciroc Obama is right, my ninjas! DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! That’s what they want you to think - that it doesn’t matter if you vote. Expect them to make you stand in long ass lines, outside. Expect them to ‘run out of ballots’. Expect them to try to turn you away.

But for real tho, fuck them - go vote.

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Posted: October 27th, 2008
at 7:50pm by orangemenace

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Voter Suppression


…more than 50,000 registered Georgia votershave been "flagged" because of a computer mismatch in their personal identification information. At least 4,500 of those people are having their citizenship questioned and the burden is on them to prove eligibility to vote.

Experts say lists of people with mismatches are often systematically cut, or "purged," from voter rolls.

It’s a scenario that’s being repeated all across the country, with cases like Berry’s raising fears of potential vote suppression in crucial swing states.

"What most people don’t know is that every year, elections officials strike millions of names from the voter rolls using processes that are secret, prone to error and vulnerable to manipulation," said Wendy Weiser, an elections expert with New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice.

"That means that lots and lots of eligible voters could get knocked off the voter rolls without any notice and, in many cases, without any opportunity to correct it before Election Day."

Weiser acknowledged that "purging done well and with proper accountability" is necessary to remove people who have died or moved out of state.

"But the problem is it’s not necessary to do inaccurate purges that catch up thousands of eligible voters without any notice or any opportunity to fix it before Election Day and really without any public scrutiny at all," she said.

Such allegations have flared up across the United States during this election cycle, most notably in Ohio, where a recent lawsuit has already gone to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Yeah, I’m sure this isn’t an attempt to disenfranchise college students, minorities, and immigrants who have become citizens. No…that would just be crazy.

.:voters ‘purged’ from voter rolls->via CNN

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Posted: October 27th, 2008
at 12:37pm by orangemenace

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