Guns DO Kill People

Posted: October 27th, 2008
at 8:28pm by orangemenace

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  1. What’s really sad is what happens to unarmed people when the governments get psycho. The very essence of ninjutsu was to survive through chaos by any means, be it staying out of harms way, or using all tools available for victory. I hope emotional zealots like you don’t take one critical tool away from my clan…the firearm.
    “You can trust the government, ask an indian.”

    Beware the hopeful progressive…

    Sam Tucker

    22 Jan 12 at 11:12 pm


  2. a) your comment kinda proves the point of this post. Kids are getting shot in the head because straight idiots think they should be constitutionally allowed to shoot uzis. And all they can do is bring up constitutional rights, because they know that the rationale just doesn’t really exist anymore. “Well… the founding fathers…”

    b) “Indians” were (and are) separate nations. It’s only RECENTLY that they’re provided any protections by our government. You saying “ask an Indian,” therefore, is just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. That’s like saying “ask an Iraqi.” Apples and oranges, dude…

    c) You’re seriously disillusioned if you think that you owning a gun is going to protect you against our government. Yeah, maybe back in the outlaw days when people dueled with six-shooters. This always plays into the “I’m rambo,” mentality that would convince you to put an uzi in an eight year old’s hands in the first place.

    d) Ninjas don’t use bullets.

    Furthermore, don’t come on a site fulla ninjas and try to argue ninja politricks. You clearly have no grasp of “the very essence of ninjitsu,” – and you sound like an idiot. And yes, I was at the shooting range just the other day, so this is not an emotional zealot issue. If you want, we can compare instances in which an armed citizenry made a difference contra government tyranny with instances in which a child was shot on some dumb shit, if you wanna get empirical.

    Black Ock

    23 Jan 12 at 11:42 am



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