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Take Notice, Men In Black of the Night

Ain’t no half-steppin…..

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He lookedAlike an easy target: a medical student sitting alone on a late-night train.

The three men sidled up to the German student and told him to hand over his wallet. When he refused, they followed him off the train, trailing him as he walked past the hotel and pizza joint on Bringelly Road, Kingswood, in the city’s west.

When the student, who has asked not to be identified, turned down a dimly lit alley his pursuers thought their moment had come.

It had, but not in quite the way they expected.

The men tripped the 27-year-old student, kicking him as he lay on the ground and grabbing his mobile phone and iPod.

What the assailants did not realise was that they were standing outside Ninja Senshi Ryu - western Sydney’s ninja warrior school.

They also failed to notice a ninja, Nathan Smith, standing in the shadows outside the dojo. Mr Smith immediately alerted his sensei, or teacher.

Kaylan Soto, a sensei with 30 years’ Ninjutsu training, and three of his students raced out of the dojo towards the startled attackers. All five crusaders were clad in the ninja’s traditional, all black uniform.

"We would have been just a silhouette," one of the ninjas, Steve Ashley, said. "It was probably the worst place in Sydney where they could have taken him."

Mr Soto said it took the three assailants a few moments to realise what was going on. When they did, they shot off. "You should have seen their faces when they saw us in ninja gear coming towards them," he said.

The ninjas gave chase, but the men escaped. Police yesterday said they had made arrests in relation to the attack.

The medical student, who has been in Sydney for eight weeks on an exchange program, was left shaken but suffered only minor injuries.

As for the ninjas, they were back in training last night.

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Posted: May 19th, 2010
at 2:43pm by Koookiecrumbles

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A Life Changing Invention

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Posted: May 17th, 2010
at 9:25pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Chimps On the Edge - Documentary

And no… we ain’t talkin’ about yo’ mama. It’s the Monday documentary, baby!

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Posted: May 10th, 2010
at 7:26am by Black Ock

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Ninja For Hire

The Wall Street Journal investigates the path and rise of the job title, "ninja." Over 800 self-titled ninjas are now public on LinkedIn- but is the ninja always a ninja or can they become a samurai?

The phenomenon started in 2003 and apparently really began to take off last year. Jinichi Kawakami, one of the last living ninjas in Iga, Japan, insists that "ninjas aren’t assassins and a real ninja must have stealth, intelligence, a righteous heart and patience."

Anyways, watch the video my ninjas..

thanks to orangemenace for the link

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Muzak Video Sundays 4.4.2010

You could, in fact, notice a theme.A I assure you it’s totally coincidental.A NINJA VANISH.

Just a Band - Ha-He (this is some straight Kenyan ninjalry that appealed to me - so if you wanna know more, clicky clicky)

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Pixies - Hey

YouTube Preview Image

Crucial Conflict - Hay

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Slick Rick - Hey Young World

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MF DOOM - Hey!

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Posted: April 4th, 2010
at 7:27am by Black Ock

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Bhutan and the Modern Terma

St. Pema Lingpa in the form of Prime Minister, Jigmi Y. Thinley, a Penn State graduate and a former royal administrator and diplomat, has revealed a modern terma or hidden treasure for Bhutan and the rest of the world. Working with GPI Atlantic, a maritime think tank, the relatively new monarchy has come up with and introduced a new gross national happiness (GNH) curriculum into the country’s education system.

GNH rests on four pillars of value: environmental conservation; cultural preservation and promotion; sustainable and equitable development; and good governance, including the development of active and responsible citizenship. These pillars are divided into seventy-two quantifiable variables, designed to provide hard data about significant issues.

The outcome, said Thinley, should be:

"an educational system that is quite different from the conventional factory, where…children are just turned out to become economic animals, thinking only for themselves." Instead, graduates would be "more human beings, with human values, that give importance to relationships, that are eco-literate, contemplative, analytical." They would know that their own happiness was found in giving happiness "to your spouse, to your family, to your neighbours a and to the world at large.">

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SXSW 2010: How to be Black

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EMBIIMOB - Chicago

EMBIIMOB is looking for participants for a evolutionary flashmob that is taking place in conjunction with Allen Vandever’s international art debut at NEXT 2010 among others. Over the next few days we will be posting some web friendly videos as well as some training videos for ninjas that want to succumb to EMBIIMOB!

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Music by: Sovereign Sect (ill)

Video by: Sean Fahey of Endless Eye

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Posted: March 20th, 2010
at 7:40pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Ninja School: Day Two

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This cat has way more skills than those last hacks.

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Posted: January 27th, 2010
at 11:33am by Black Ock

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