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Damn! I Crashed My Bentley!

But at least now I can see it in the archives at Wrecked Exotics, the "internet’s largest collection of exotic car crash photos."

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Posted: July 19th, 2006
at 3:17am by Black Ock

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Hong Kong government using kids in the War on Piracy!

The government of Hong Kong has enlisted the help of an army of young snitches to help them sniff out pirated software, music and video on the internet.AA 200,000 children from 11 youth organizations, among them the Boy Scouts, will be actively searching the ‘net for illegal distributors of digital content.

From the article:

"Tam Yiu-keung, the Hong Kong Excise and Customs Department’s senior superintendent of customs for intellectual property investigations, said the program should not raise any concerns about privacy or the role of children in law enforcement. The youths will be visiting Internet discussion sites that are open to all, so the government program is no different than asking young people to tell the police if they see a crime while walking down the street, he said."

original article in The New York Times

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Posted: July 19th, 2006
at 3:07am by Black Ock

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Ninjas do, in fact, sleep…

So when you’re getting your precious ninja rest on, it’s understandable that you would need someone (or something) to guard the

That’s where my main ninja Room Defender comes in. Trained in a variety of martial arts, dance techniques and broadway show tunes, Room Defender is a snazzy little killing machine with soul.

In the $45 dollar version though, the features are fairly limited.AA You forfeit the heatseeking missiles and the full anti-aircraft arsenal for something far more important: a compact carry-on size.AA The Room Defender, armed with a motion sensor and projectile foam discs, will attack any intruder into your space.
"Just place this little guy toward the door, watch & wait.AA Once someone comes within a few feet, the room defendera€™s motion sensors react with a salvo of 16 foam disks hurled at the intruder."

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Posted: July 19th, 2006
at 2:47am by Black Ock

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You think your system is LOUD? Try the Bladder Buster!

Ight, picture this:

You have all of your friends and family assembled in your newly-completed home theater room watching the ill new action flick you just (ahem) bought and all of a sudden, your entire house is shaking at the foundation like it’s a 7 on the richter scale. As the scene winds to an end and you fight to choke back the tears involuntarily streaming from your suddenly reddened eyes, you realize those water-proof seat covers the speaker salesman was pushing on you might have been a wise investment…

This is what New Zealand speaker manufacturer Arvus has to say about the Bladder Busters (Yes, that’s the real name):

"This 2 Metre tall generator of bass will force all fluids to vacate your body when used at levels that will put the foundations of your house under stress!"

Now, just so you understand what you’re dealing with, those little off-white drivers that look like tweeters, yeah…those are 12″ subwoofers. Right. Six of ’em. And the big black monster in the middle is a 27″ "non-linear compensator." Certainly ninja-worthy, aiiiiight!

(edit: I just noticed there’s a bottle of wine next to the speaker. They are clearly telling us that you must be drunk to appreciate, and survive, the full effect of this sub.)

I’m gonna hold out ’til they got a version for the whip…

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Posted: July 18th, 2006
at 6:07pm by Black Ock

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MY NINJA, PLEASE! 7/18/06: One Brewski too many


Ok so… The dude who owns Coors got arrested for drizzed driving.AA Apparently he was coming back from a wedding and rolled through a stop sign.AA A breathalyzer test showed that he was over the legal limit.AA Well… at least we know he wasn’t drinking Coors.

AAGee… First a failed run for senate and now this.

AALink Via: Reuters


To the bitty, who’s mad we stole her picture… tough cookies! Stop posting pics of yourself on the internet you drunk slizzard.

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Posted: July 18th, 2006
at 1:33pm by black octagons

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My Ninja, Please Come Back

MYNINJAPLEASE.COM is currently down for maintenance.AA We are migrating from bootsy-ass windows to linux, an actual OS. Ok Ok begin the hate!AA We ain’t done yet ninjas.AA HERE WE COME!

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Posted: July 18th, 2006
at 6:09am by black octagons

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Although Ninjas are Better than pirates…

It’s a modern-day treasure hunt, led by technology beyond a pirate’s wildest dreams - and the treasure is stashed across the world. The game known as geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing), has been steadily growing in popularity and has captured the interest of many would-be adventurers.

The rules of the game are simple: look up coordinates on the Internet that act as a map to a "treasure," then go find it.

The game itself, however, gets a bit more complicated.

Full article via: BYU News Net
Stayed tuned for the myninjaplease geocaching contest!

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 5:02pm by black octagons

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myninjaplease? our first fanmail…um…instant message and guess who pops up? Tevin Campbell!

So my boy black ock sent over the first official response to from his homie X and truth be told, while i’m not sure exactly what it has to do with the blog, it is hi-larious and therefore I’ll interpret it as overwhelmingly positive. I assure you X has no affiliation to myninjaplease, though he should and will soon if I have anything to do with it.

Xavier… i know wat ya thinkin ninjas…. why ninjas?!… well because its simple they are the grimiest cats in da world dat i kno of son… who you kno that be tip toein on roofs just to cut ya throat… who you kno that be throwin stars just to kill you ??!! stars son!!!!…. who you kno that can just dissappear like a crackhead into thin air…..numerous crackheads have tried but failed son!!…

Xavier… ninja conspiracy : n*ggas that are ninjas

Xavier… 1. Chris Tucker! where the hell is he at? seen him on the katrina telathon and then poof

Xavier… 2. dave chapplle! n*gga ran to africa and pops up on tv now and then… he is a tru n*gga… i mean ninja

Xavier… 3. tupac … thats all i got to say …are ya dead? what? you got new songs everyday talkin bout current events! son stop that!!!

Xavier… 4. tevin campbell… yo can we talk for a minute cuz where you at son you were blowin up son

Xavier… 5. MJ yea thats right mike jackson… congrats on yo case son im a fan but you definitely a ninja cause you change ya disguise every five minutes so no little boy can remember you

Xavier… 6. Usher.. yo u havent had a hit since yo little baby mama drama song "confessions", u letting chris brown steal yo shine ….. but cant underestimate a ninja…. you probably gonna dress up like a fan and in the heat of the moment throw a usher at him like its a callin card

Xavier… I get it now ya’ll are a secret cult of ninjas mj is the leader and tupac 2nd in command, chappelle tha general (sssaaalluutte) and the rest of yall just privates!!!!

Er maybe pirates…
Or…Uh…Tevin Campbell

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 11:10am by Black Ock

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Yeah, pretty boring, but this is how to submit items to the ninjas…

So yeah, as ill as we are on our own, the ninja family over here at is always looking for suggestions for items or even complete postings… Who knows, if you’ve got good stuff to say and are a little sick and twisted (not too much, let’s have some decency), you might carve yourself out an official niche over here, ditch your sensei and become a real live ninja…please! Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Tell us who you are
That way, we can tell all these fools who hooked us up with the goods…
Give us your email. That way, if we need any info, we won’t need to hunt you down like a thief in the night and assault you with barbecue tongs. No, we won’t share your address, and I’m not even gonna address spam (ninja?!).

2. Include a link in your e-mail
No link, no gravy… That’s it…
Okay, if you’ve got something amazing to say, we’ll try to listen, but it better be good cuz us ninjas don’t have as free a schedule as many would have you believe, and though we might ramble about nothing…this is our site, bitches!

3. Describe the link
Again, tell us what the hell yer talking about. This might be more important than it sounds…we already spend all day cavorting around the net…one more click and…you never know. Oh yeah, and don’t go crazy with your description. That’s our job. Be straight forward and tell us what to expect… Like a ninja, right to the point…

4. Only send suggestions once
We know there’s a lot of good stuff, but it all can’t make it. We check the mail, so if it doesn’t show up, don’t push it…Keep your eyes peeled for more ninjaworthy material and get at us…If it’s ill, it’ll be on here eventually (or last week).

So yeah, hit us on the virtual hip and we’ll all bask in the love.

suggest an item

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 8:12am by Black Ock

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