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A Dozen : Tristan Henry-Wilson

This week for A Dozen we talk with Tristan Henry-Wilson hailing from Brooklyn, NY. He is an illustrator that works with oil paint. He specializes in editorial, portraits, realism and a touch of the surreal.


Seal Our Fate: an illustration of a short story for a current project. Also featured in Faesthetic #8.

14 x 18, oil on panel

Please describe your professional and creative aspirations.

As an illustrator I try to tell stories with my oil paintings. One of the best ways of getting those stories out to the world is print. I’d love to see my work on the cover of magazines and books. I’m working on a long term project with a partner right now. I’m illustrating all the short stories of their book. It’s pretty labour intensive but once complete it will be my proudest achievement to date.

What styles would you say that you prescribe to?

I’m a realistic and figurative illustrator that works in oil paint. Other than that I couldn’t put a finger on a proper description of my style. I’m drawn to beautiful colour and atmosphere with the occasional touch of the surreal. I guess that’s the sci-fi/fantasy nerd in me though, haha.


A Taste of the Space Race: an illustration about companies racing to give families the chance at space flight

9x 12, oil on panel

Where do you see the limitations of art in terms of what it can effect?

I think art is only limited to or by the efforts of its creator. As long as sincere passion and hard work goes into the creation of the artwork time will look favourably on the artist’s intentions.

How do you think your art changes the perceptions of people around you?

I don’t know what people think of me before I tell them I’m an artist or show them my work. I often I see a light bulb go off in people’s heads, "Oh he’s an artist, well that makes sense!"

When people tell me I create beautiful artwork or when any artist is being complimented for their creation it’s important to be humbled. We live in a culture that bombards us with imagery all day long. Everything is trying very hard to get our attention. It’s easy to be numb to the visuals. When you’re being complimented for your art you’re really being thanked for creating something that isn’t insipid.

It’s an honour to break the banality.


Head Above Water: an album cover for the band, Gravehaven.

14 x 18, oil on panel

Where do you believe has the best new art?

In the dew drop of every rose, in the laughter of every child! Haha! I have no idea. I’m inspired by old art. I try to stay away from words like "best", it’s a promise I can’t keep.

Are you a soldier or a general in the art world?

Mercenary in training.


DisInfoNation: an album cover for the band, Feeding The Fire.

11 x 14, Oil on board

Do you feel, that "there is a war out there, that no one is safe from?"

This wouldn’t be a good time to drop a Pat Benatar quote would it?

Are you a fan of the "online" art gallery?

I’m a fan of online illustration directories and artist portfolios. Art galleries in the traditional sense kind of weird me out. The whole scene just isn’t where I am right now.


We Are Fragile: a wrap around album cover for the band, Isle Of Thieves.

14 x 20, Oil on Strathmore 500 series illustration board

What avenues have proven to be the most effective for you in selling your art?


Do you think the an artist should be able to represent themselves on their own (or do they need an agent)?

I’ve never had an agent and there was a time when I was gunning really hard for one. I once heard an agent say they like to deal with artists that have learned the game on their own for a while. After years of trying to establish myself I’m just now beginning to see what I don’t know and how much I need to learn.

I think if I had acquired an agent years ago I would have embarrassed myself; I was too green. I’ve heard great things about reps and I hope to have one someday but for now I need to sharpen my skills and turnaround times.


Dirtys Girl In Her Dirty World: an illustration of Sarah Silverman. The painting contrasts her cute clean look with her racy comedy.

9 x 12, oil on panel

People say that the markets are saturated with new art, do you believe this?

I haven’t scoured all the markets so I can’t say if they’re saturated. I believe there will always be room for artwork that’s professional and inspirational.

When is a piece of work finished?

When it gets the thumbs up from my mentors.

::All images courtesy of Tristan Henry-Wilson


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