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Spiders Help Weave a Golden Silk Tapestry


You may have stumbled on a post here at MNP by Black Ock, Collaborations of Kin and Kind, where he examines the delicate relationship between insects and man in creating new art. This time all the way from Madagascar, two textile magnates, Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley have teamed up to create an almost royal, one of a kind, tapestry completely woven using the silk from over a million golden orb-weaving spider’s webs (Nephila madagascariensis).


At a cost of over a half a million dollars, the American Museum of Natural History (follow this link for a great video) is hoping to cash in on exhibiting this truly unique piece of art. Eighty people over the course of four years dedicated their time to catching these spiders during the rainy season from the high reaches of telephone poles and then harnessed them to harvest this precious silk.

If you are interested in collaborating with Lamba, (the enterprise Simon Peers founded specializing in weaving, embroidery, and passementerie in Madagascar, working with architects and designers around the world) you can contact him through his LinkedIn profile.

Do they make hoodies out of this?- myninjaplease!

.::Listen to the NPR report here ->


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