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Living Objects: Jason Krugman


"Jason Krugman is a New York-based artist focusing on kinetic sculpture and responsive lighting installations."

His work is quite insightful, check out his site.

He has a new proposal called Living Objects @ McCarren Park. It has already been approved by the Parks and Recreation department, all he needs to do is raise $5000 to make it happen.You can donate money through Kickstarter.



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Posted: October 26th, 2009
at 2:33am by Koookiecrumbles

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MakerBeam Screenshot

Over on Kickstarter there’s a project called MakerBeam to make an open-source building kit. Something like Meccano, but open-source, and based on a T-slot aluminum profile. They promise us it will be good for robots. Open-source fire-breathing robot spiders? We can only hope.


On the Kickstarter project site you can view in an informative video of the kit.

As they say, "We’ve never seen a hammer company go broke because hammers aren’t patented; we think we’ll do okay."

They aim to go public with kits at Maker Faire 2010.

Check it out.

::all text and images courtesy of Sam Putman at Makerbeam

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