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WNA 9.26.11: Pharmacist Fired for Bustin’ Back at Robbers

Like the title says this is the story of a regular dude, like your or me, mindin’ his own business, doing his lil’ Walgreens, community vibe, basically vibin’ out, when a couple robbers/hoodlums/general miscreants come in to rob his joint.

Now, the average pharmacist would just hand over the Oxycontin (trust me) and be done with it, maybe take a Valium afterward or something, you know, for his nerves - but not this dude.  Because this dude, being the average ninja indeed, was not only packing his own piece, but also took exception to the fact that one of the robbers tried to shoot him in the dome. When the robber’s gun jammed, this ninja pharmacist pulled out his own jammy and started capping at fools.

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He may or may not have yelled: "I’m reloaded!" before firing the first shot.

Well, as it happens, apparently shooting guns is frowned upon in Walgreens establishments (a vast departure from Walmart) - and so they fired this guy. Besides the fact that he was just protecting himself, I say my ninjas, please, to Walgreens executives. I’d hire this fool any day. Especially to guard my stash.

Now the man is suing for wrongful termination, and I say good for him.  Jeremy Hoven, you are a true ninja.*

Back in May, Walgreens pharmacist Jeremy Hoven was working the graveyard shift at the Benton Harbor, Michigan store with three other employees when two masked gunmen ran into the store and attempted a stick-up. As Hoven was dialing 911, one of the gunmen hopped the counter, aimed his piece at him, and, according to Hoven, began "jerking the gun’s trigger."

As it turned out, Hoven was packing himself, having procured a concealed-weapon permit after the same store was robbed when he was working there in 2007. So he blasted off several shots, and the failed drugstore cowboys vamoosed right quick.

You would think the company would applaud Hoven for protecting the contents of the cash register, but no. For his troubles, Hoven was terminated a week later for violating Walgreens’ "non-escalation policy," as well as company policy that forbids employees from carrying weapons at work.#original story + #where we found it

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Posted: September 26th, 2011
at 10:21am by Black Ock

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