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GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself


What does GWEI do?

We generate money by serving Google text advertisements on a network of hidden Websites. With this money we automatically buy Google shares. We buy Google via their own advertisement! Google eats itself - but in the end "we" own it!

By establishing this autocannibalistic model we deconstruct the new global advertisement mechanisms by rendering them into a surreal click-based economic model.

After this process we hand over the common ownership of "our" Google Shares to the GTTP Ltd. [Google To The People Public Company] which distributes them back to the users (clickers) / public.

With over 405 thousand USD in Google shares owned, you could call this experiment a success! Check out their slide show for more info>


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Posted: August 27th, 2009
at 1:26pm by Koookiecrumbles

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