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My Ninja, Please! 2.21.11: Mexican Drug Catapult

Below is footage of traffickers using what appears to be a medieval trebuchet machine to fling drugs over the border.A My ninja, please!A With all of the technology out there, the Mexican drug ninjas are proving that sometimes an old trick works the best.AA The video doesn’t show much (click through and read the story), but after Obama sent 1200 National guardsmen down to the border to bolster security, this is part of what they discovered.A I’m guessing they were tipped off by the loud "boinnnng."

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Mexico City

Men wheeling a giant catapult up to a wall, lobbing heavy objects to the other side, could be a battle scene out of The Lord of the Rings.

The setting is not Middle Earth, but the equally surreal US-Mexico border. Perhaps the only things missing are the Orcs and wizards.

Mexican drug smugglers searching for innovative ways to transport their narcotics were discovered using a 9-foot-tall catapult to launch bundles of marijuana over the border fence and into the United States (see video below).

"It looks like a medieval catapult that was used back in the day," Tucson sector Border Patrol spokesman David Jimarez told Reuters. (Read the Article)

My question is this:A If they’re using catapults and slingshots, and sh!t, what else are they doing?A Like… I’m pretty sure one of those drills that Shredder and the Brain used in TMNT would work pretty well…

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Posted: February 21st, 2011
at 9:44am by Black Ock

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