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Netflix… You almost got MNP’d

In a move that can only be described as "semi," the CEO of Netflix (which I can only assume actually means the PR team + the CEO of Netflix) has decided to send out the equivalent of a correction e-mail to all of its customers.  You might have noticed this spam in your inbox this morning as you returned to work and the email barrage that usually coincides with such.

The problem with this e-mail is that it makes no corrections, but in effect apologizes for an e-mail about a month ago where Netflix explained that it was upping its prices.  To make matters worse in the confusion department, Netflix also decided to use this negative PR moment to announce that they are splitting their services (in a totally convoluted way).

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This isn’t the first time they’ve blown it, either. Or the second time

Here’s a tip, Netflix, or Qwikster or whatever the hell it is you call yourself: if you’re gonna apologize, then really apologize…  like give us a free extra month of DVD service, or one free rental… or SOMEThing.  If not, then please SHUT THE HELL UP and stay outta my inbox.  There’s nothing worse than reading an entire e-mail from Netflix and not getting anything free out of it.  I, too, was disappointed with the disassociation of DVD and streaming services - but I didn’t have a poor view of your company from an operational standpoint until you guys started getting out of control with these e-mails.  You know what’s arrogant, Netflix?  Thinking that you can disguise a marketing announcement as an apology, because you forgot to say it all last time, and not really apologizing at all - that’s arrogant. My ninja… I guess they’re lucky this week, because we have an even more ridiculous MNP coming up.


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Posted: September 19th, 2011
at 11:11am by Black Ock

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