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My ninjas, please - this project is either brilliant, or just absurd [well, I guess it could be both]. By far the most minimalist house I can think of, Ghost was designed by Japanese architects DATAR - and built in Tokyo in 2006 [like you needed me to tell you it was built in Japan]. And that’s really all I know about the project.


For starters, I’m a big fan of the iconic ‘house’ form of the exterior. It’s seemingly increasingly popular - but it’s still interesting. The simplicity as you move into the interior seems almost disorienting - and definitely so when you’re only seeing the project in photos. I unfortunately couldn’t find plans or a section - so this is all about the visuals of these white walls, contrasting with the dark wood floor.

What I really want to see is photos after the house was inhabited. I wonder how the introduction of furniture, art, etc, do / would change the feeling of the stark interior - I imagine that the right amount of furnishing would take just enough of the edge off the almost blinding whiteness of the project.




Just as I was about to post this project, it reminded me of the photographs by Todd Hido we had on AMNP a while back - and which are featured in Urban China Bootleged by C-Lab for Volume. First, the contrast between what a home [or any building, I suppose] looks + feels like pre-occupation and post-occupation. Even unpainted and unfurnished, a new, clean home can be beautiful, peaceful, and maybe even hopeful - but being inhabited and subsequently abandoned alters the very being of a house. Aside from the abandoned homes thought, this project brought to mind the fact that what makes so many new homes [I’d even go so far as to say most] in the US acceptable places to live is ‘your shit’ [it’s yours, so it’s ‘shit’ - if it were mine, it’d be ‘stuff’] - so I’m thinking, maybe it’s important that a home be ill without all our crap in it?

.:images and limited info -> via DATAR


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Posted: June 19th, 2009
at 9:30am by orangemenace

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