He could get paid to do this…

And look!AA He squanders his talent away!


FEDERAL WAY, Wash., May 21 (UPI) — Police in Washington state said a suspect used his genitals as a puppet while standing over an air conditioner intake at an apartment complex.

The police report of the incident said Timothy Wayne Martin, 44, of Auburn, Wash., was arrested after residents of the Arcadia Apartment Complex in Federal Way called police at about 10:30 a.m. May 13 and reported a man standing over an air conditioner intake wearing only an unbuttoned flannel shirt and "was apparently manipulating" his penis with a string "like a puppet," Seattlepi.com reported Thursday.

Police said Martin was arrested at the scene and still had the string attached to his penis. He was charged under the state’s felony indecent exposure statute due to having two prior convictions for similar crimes.

Martin was also in possession of a small quantity of methamphetamine at the time of his arrest. Police said he also had a pornographic magazine.

Seriously though, puppetry of the penis used to be super in-style.AA It’s a shame to see so much natural ability go to waste on a street corner.AA By the way, I heard about Seattle PI going out of print and exclusively online on NPR earlier this week.AA Go check out their website, as I feel bad for them.


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Posted: June 3rd, 2009
at 5:33am by Black Ock

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