Kobe’s Accuser on a Slightly Disturbing Note…

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Wow, and double-wow.AA This is a video of Kobe’s accuser (AKA the white cheerleader chick) rapping about being… uh… raped by Kobe.

I’ve officilly decided to forego any journalistic activity on this post because, well, I’m not a journalist.AA Actually, what I mean is that I’m not sure if this girl is actually Kobe’s accuser or not, or what the hell the deal is…AA But this is NOT okay.AA Wow…AA I was even LOLing a (tiny?) bit until the end, but then I felt like a willing participant.

I mean, she seems really disturbed by this, and it’s not as if rap isn’t an appropriate venue to voice something so emotional… but I mean…. what the feezy??AA Rape, rape ya’ll, ya don’t stoppp?AA How am I supposed to react?

This brings to mind a Wyclef skit


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Posted: June 1st, 2009
at 4:01am by Black Ock

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