Hi-Res Inauguration Photo


We recently received a link to this fairly high-res panorama of the inauguration - and if you’ve got some time, it’s pretty entertaining to pan around and check out the scene. Got to especially love Bush and Cheney [shown below] - those expressions are priceless.


If you find something interesting in the photo - you can take a ‘snapshot’ and save it to a gallery devoted to parts of the image that users found interesting / funny / etc.


.:inaugural address->via Gigapan


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Posted: February 18th, 2009
at 10:11pm by orangemenace

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  1. I am Canadian. The front 5 pages of every major city newspaper was OBAMA VISITS CANADA. There was pages and pages about how he had a $5 Canadian bill, and he ordered a Canadian Pastry from 17 year old girl who is in love with him… who cares. When my Prime Minister Steven Harper comes to the USA no one cares, the whole country doesn’t stop to worship him. Obama has a higher approval rate by Canadians than our Steven Harper.. WTF is up with all this Obama buzz?

    I used to eat up all the hype. I was worked up about him for no reason whatsoever, just like everyone else and didn’t know why or question it. Don’t get me wrong I think Americans were wise to elect Obama instead of that republican hommie. But why is Obama such a celebrity?! He’s just a president like George W. Bush before him, whoop de doo.


    23 Feb 09 at 12:18 am



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