London Bridge is Falling Down

But it’s a wackass bridge anyway, so who cares?


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Kayodeok has a pretty tight photo stream of pics of London.AA You can see the towers from the tower bridge at the middle left.AA That one at the top is the London Eye at sunset.AA If you go to London make sure you go on that bad boy.AA The retarded pickle shaped building at the bottom is the London City Hall and at the middleAAright is Tower 42.

The reason this flickr page is cool is becauseAAthe authorAAhas pretty extensive commentary about most of the photos.AA Peep game.



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Posted: September 29th, 2006
at 10:56am by black octagons

Categories: art,photo

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  1. ‘Retarded pickle-shaped building’!?!?!?! That’s aperfectly good sustainable/’green’ Norman Foster building, son.


    29 Sep 06 at 12:01 pm


  2. with a retarded pickle shape

    black octagons

    29 Sep 06 at 12:59 pm



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