Fock You, Penguin

You may have already seen this blog since it’s making its viral rounds (as they tend to do in the winter months) - but if you haven’t, Fuck You, Penguin is a blog where the author "tells cute animals what’s what." It’s, um, hilarious. Read excerpt below, from post titled "Reindeer Act Like They Don’t Know." [ Ed. MNP would have, of course, added the correct "s" to the word "reindeers" ]

Save it for the tourists, Reindeer, because there is no way I’m buying that "surprised" act. Talking like, "oh, it’s Christmas already? I didn’t even have my good horns on!" when we all know you’re back there marking your calendar, counting down the days. You can’t hide how you really feel about Christmas forever, Reindeer. My guess? You actually were surprised one year, but then you saw the picture and felt like it really made you look thinner, so now you do it every fucking year, like the weird girl in high school that everyone knew was getting plastic surgery the minute she turned 18.

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Posted: December 29th, 2008
at 1:38pm by Black Ock

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