Festival GastronAAmica del Gato


ANIMAL rights groups are up in arms over an annual festival in Peru that serves up hundreds of fried CATS to locals.

The ‘Gastronomical Festival of the Cat’ a€" dubbed the ‘Massacre of the Moggies’ a€" sees townsfolk in Canete, near Lima, feast on the fluffy pets for two days.

They believe that eating cat burgers a€" and fried cat legs and tails a€" can cure bronchial disease.

It is also believed that feline meat serves as an aphrodisiac.

The cats are bred especially for this festival a€" which takes place at the end of September on the Day of Santa Ifigenia.

But it has generated fury among animal rights groups.

A PETA spokesman said: "a€oeIf Peruvians really eat poor old Moggy because they think his meat cures bronchitis, thata€™s about as bizarre as it gets, although remember that Asians eat monkey bits thinking that will cure their impotence and even Europeans butcher poor old Bessie the cow or Henny Penny the hen, because they see them as nothing more than a bit of nourishment.

a€oeHaving toured slaughterhouses for dogs in Taiwan, horses in Texas, and chickens and cows in Europe, PETAa€™s staff says the last thing we need to do is add yet another poor animal to the list of those being frightened and slaughtered for a taste.a€A

.::From The SunAA

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Posted: October 8th, 2008
at 3:32pm by Black Ock

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