turbo charged


The late, great Glen Augustus Holness-better known as Nitty Gritty-is perhaps best remembered for his work with King Jammys during the mid-eighties at the height of the producer’s dominance. Turbo Charged would be the first of six full length releases from the singer along with a slew of seven-inches and Disco45s that made him one of Dancehall’s most beloved entertainers until his tragic death in June of 1991. After a long running series of solid reissue-efforts Greensleeves has updated the Turbo Charged album with all ten original LP cuts plus four bonus tracks from past Greensleeves 12″s (bonus tracks are "Man in a House", "False Alarm, "Run Down the World" and "Gimme Some of Your Something". You can pick up the Turbo Charged reissue here or here.

was this drop really just an excuse to put up my Nitty Gritty drawing? we may never find out… but let me know what you think of it either way - trizlam

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Posted: September 4th, 2008
at 2:56pm by Black Ock

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