When Pigs Attack

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For starters - MNP doesn’t have some adolescent issue with the police. The fact just is, some cops are assholes. And, unfortunately for every other decent officer, an asshole cop is worse than an asshole in most other professions. For instance - an asshole architect? She/he can be condescending, and…elitist. That’s about it. An asshole teacher can fail you, an asshole chef can spit in your food, an asshole blogger can verbally attack you online…but an asshole cop can do what this one did - knock you off a moving bicycle and beat your ass. Sure, he got stripped of his badge and gun - but only after this ninja got got and then spent 26 hours in jail for ‘resisting arrest’, aka ‘trying to protect himself from getting an un-provoked ass-kicking by an asshole’.

How dare he. What a punk. Next time I see a guy on a bike, I think I’ll knock him off too.
Oh, and they were riding the bikes for Critical Mass - a green biking movement. What bad-asses. If we don’t stop them now, who knows what they’ll do next.


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Posted: July 29th, 2008
at 10:13am by orangemenace

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