The Design Industry Boom in China


It is no wonder that with such a huge potential market, the taste and needs of the Chinese consumer has encouraged many of the large international companies to look at the area of design to make their products more attractive. According to a report in BusinessWeek, Sony set up a design centre in Shanghai in August 2005 to help them understand the minds of the young Chinese consumer. It is a sign of growing importance of China that corporations are prepared to go to such lengths and create products especially for the Chinese. The results of this bold move will be seen early this year when a new range of Sony products will be launched in China.

Made in China, copied in China

It is however, the China firms who are giving the major impetus to the growth of the design business within their country. While many Western products are being manufactured in China, the design comes from talent based in firms located in San Francisco or London. The locally-created goods have been, up until now, poor imitations of Western products or unabashedly copies of popular electronic goods and even motorcars. General Motors are currently suing China’s Chery Automotive Co. They feel the Chery QQ compact is a compact of GM’s Chevrolet Spark. read the rest at idasia


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Posted: July 24th, 2008
at 7:28am by Koookiecrumbles

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