Just a Friendly Reminder

Professor James Duane reminds us why we shouldn’t talk to the police.


Part II:


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Posted: July 11th, 2008
at 9:21am by Black Ock

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  1. The ACLU has some great “comic” books and videos for young people, telling them how to behave during an arrest, and of course “say nothing” is rule #1. The ACLU also emphasizes and demonstrates in their tapes the considerable methods of coercion that an arresting officer will use to try to get you to speak.


    24 Apr 09 at 5:08 pm


  2. Of course a Li-ar (lawyer) doesn’t want to to speak to police w/out them present. How can they make any money if they’re not? Not speaking puts you in dishonor and admits guilt. Answering allegations with questions and a fee schedule is the proper way to deal w/these contract thugs (police). What cause do you have to believe that I was violating a statute? The fee for detaining me for the next 10 minutes is $10,000 to be paid in full immediately. What is your name officer? Can you identify yourself so I know who I will be liening up? Educate yourself. I suggest creditorsincommerce(dot)com as an excellent place to start.


    2 Dec 09 at 5:48 pm


  3. ^checking it out


    2 Dec 09 at 9:49 pm


  4. Sovereign,

    I don’t understand the logic behind your allegation that “Not speaking (submitting to a police interrogation) puts you in dishonor and admits guilt.”

    Really? Dishonor? I can’t envision Jefferson and the other authors of the US Constitution sitting around and saying something like: ” Now we have to add an addendum to this rule of law for our new country, and the addendum should be a way for guilty men to avoid admitting their guilt.”

    I have young boys. When they reach the ages of 13 or 14, one of our ‘Heart to Heart’ talks is going to be just this advice. DO NOT talk to cops. If you have friends and relatives who are cops (as do we) it is just fine to speak on social terms. But if they are grasping for an interview, just SAY NO. If that causes someone I don’t know to automatically assume I or they are guilty… because I or they (my sons) have exercised civil rights granted to me by the Rule of Law… well I can live with some fool’s assumption.

    I do agree that in many respects the law is simply a process of extortion – after all nearly all our politicians (the law writers) are lawyers – but I’d rather pay a lawyer $500 or $1000 to keep me out of an interrogation than come up with the $25 or $50 or $500K it might take to envelope myself in a ‘legal team’ in the hopes of successfully defending myself against prosecution.

    Lastly, when you do exercise those rights and refuse to speak without the presence of your lawyer, that does not mean the police will actually go to a judge to force you to hire a lawyer and then refuse to answer all questions. If they have little or nothing, often the police will give up and instead try to build their case in other ways (by interrogation other, more foolish people).


    4 Dec 09 at 9:15 pm



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