MY NINJA PLEASE! 7.3.08 : WorldsNest :: Habitat Universe


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  1. have you visited this place? i got their book and some of their videos but i keep waiting for them to, you know, proceed with their project and make it more well known. the recyclable, thermal insulated, light and cheap building materials for instance seem very interesting – but is it really true that they haven’t built a demonstration house apart from worldsnest/angelsnest yet?
    you know, any OTHER demonstration house..


    16 Dec 08 at 3:14 pm


  2. Hey esaruoho- I have not visited this place— yet. Would love to go there and see what they have created face to face. I am unaware of any other demonstration house of theirs being built.


    17 Dec 08 at 5:56 pm


  3. update: Just talked with Robert Plarr, one of the founders of WorldsNest- real nice guy. They are currently competing to build a green city in the middle east and will be selling their systems in the next couple of weeks..


    18 Dec 08 at 4:13 pm



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