As the world goes eco-friendly - even eco-vodka is coming to martini bars - it’s not clear how much environmental good will come from all the green products consumers are buying. Companies regularly tout something as green when it is not even good for the environment - it might just be less harmful than a competitor’s product or than one the company sold previously.

Few companies out and out lie, but they often use vague terms with no defined meaning, such as "earth friendly," or tout an environmental benefit while leaving out the environmental harm their product can cause.

Consumers in the United States are expected to double their spending on green products and services in the next year to an estimated $500 billion, according to an annual consumer survey by Landor Associates. Turn on the television or walk down any store aisle, and it’s impossible to escape products and services being sold as greener: potato chips, household cleaners, garage doors - even trash hauling.


I’m assuming there is some (ignorant) reason why you guys aren’t reading our green page at I’m just letting you know that the time for excuses is ovaahhh. Also, the blog that the picture links to is where I found the picture. Somehow I think that site is adorable.


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Posted: May 15th, 2008
at 9:52am by Black Ock

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