Foto del Dia 5.13


Once our green page posted on the dazzling female coal miners et al, I found my self at once ensconced (pardon my misuse of the word) in the beautiful photos that remind us that cameras still exist and that we still have eyes. The one above is from the "pool hustlers" series. If you haven’t already seen "coal miners" and "forest defenders" then you must actually be one of the two. Either that or you live under a rock.

Christopher LaMarca is the bomb diggity (don’t act like you don’t still use that term) and his art work is here to stay. He’s kinda got this "soft/hard" thing going on like Dali, and I really enjoy his landscapes. His photos of people are nice too, but the landscapes, I find, really capture the feeling of the places. They really make the places, natural places, feel big and significant - and you the viewer, insignificant, which is really hard to do in a small format and especially on the interwebs. I highly recommend it.


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Posted: May 13th, 2008
at 9:26am by Black Ock

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