Even Further Signs of Impending Apocalypse: Let my auto gooo


Remember how like, back in the 80’s there was all this (mostly)AAmedia-generated fear that robots would begin to take human jobs?AA Yeah, well, it’s hazy for me too but it’s apparently already happened.AA In Jersey, for instance,AAa robot is used to park cars at the Garden Street Garage.

Um… but that’s not even the point.AA The point is that said robot recently experienced a slight hiccup the other day and ended up imprisoning everybody’s car in the garage.AA What was the cause ofAAthis slight hiccup you ask? Software license issue.AA Apparently the state of Dirty Jerz sent all of Clearwater Florida’s "Robotic Parking" employees home but didn’t realize that letting go of the employees included letting go of the license.AA

Basically everybody’s car was trapped by a behemoth Tachikoma spider tankAAwhile court battles raged.AA See, if a ninja had been there there wouldn’t have been any of that software license talk.

Check out the Full Story via: Wired.


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Posted: August 29th, 2006
at 9:49am by black octagons

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  1. Ha Ha HA that is so freeking funny!!!!! :-)


    15 Jan 08 at 10:30 am



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