Real Onionz: Spare Change You Can Believe In


While Democrats increasingly worry about winning ugly, Barack Obama was losing gracefully at a bowling lane in Altoona.

"My economic plan is better than my bowling," Obama told fellow bowlers Saturday.

"It has to be," a man called out.

Obama let everyone know he hadn’t bowled since Jimmy Carter was president — and finished with a score of 37. A perfect game is 300. [LINK]

K… so, confession time.AA I was watching the TODAY Show and that’s where I first heard this.AA But, by now, ya’ll already know about my penchant for "the fake news."AA Ann Curry (sp?) said something about how the dude only bowled a 37 and it was humiliating.

At first I was like, whatever… that’s not sooo humiliating.AA Then I thought about the fact that 8 year old girls routinely (I digress, only 99.9% of the time) bowl better scores than that.AA Needless to say, I’m not impressed.AA The picture itself is also further evidence of previous MNP claims.


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Posted: April 3rd, 2008
at 7:36am by Black Ock

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