UDF Skywalker


This is a siiick website, that should be peeped by all. Basically, the page shows an image of the cosmos as compiled from the Hubble Space Telescope - and let’s you navigate around, viewing 10,000 different galaxies. Even the ’emptiest’ parts of the image are populated with multiple galaxies, showing just how much is going on in the observable universe. Craziness.

The Ultra Deep Field obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope is the deepest view into the sky by humankind to date. This image combines 800 frames with a total exposure time of 1 million seconds. The 10.000 galaxies that are visible have distances out to times where the universe was just 800 million years old, one seventeenth of its current age.

For more info check the UDF press release at spacetelescope.org.For a wider but less deep view visit the GEMS Skywalker.


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Posted: March 2nd, 2008
at 4:39pm by orangemenace

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