The Ghostface Spoken Word Compilation…

Ian Cohen over at Stylus Magazine has compiled a top-ten list of Ghostface Killah’s best non-rhyming moments, mostly from skits and random appearances.
Here’s a particularly hilarious bullet off the list:

"5. Intro to a€oeClipse Of Dooma€A (from Fishscale)
Wea€™re used to certain exhortations being made as a rapper adjusts to the backing track. You know, a€oeturn the beat up in my headphones,a€A a€oeI am excited to be on this tune and my producer is currently in the studio,a€A a€oethis is for my hustlas/killaz/the streetz (a.k.a. white internet critics).a€A You probably should take them at least at face value. Here, wea€™re led to believe that one or more of Ghostfacea€™s associates are guilty of the following:

- Sippina€™ on that bullshit Budweiser
- Wearing Capri pants or something closely resembling Capri pants (let that sink in)
- Are in need of a pedicure (strange, considering that males wearing Capri pants likely possess tarsal hygiene above reproach).

And for all these crimes, they should serve their penance by eating a dick. Keep in mind that he coulda€™ve stuck with a€oeturn the beat up in my headphones.a€AAlso, be sure to check out this Ghostface Video on YouTube…


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Posted: August 25th, 2006
at 2:21pm by Black Ock

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