MNP Officially Endorses Obama

You might have read about this today in the New York Times or the Chicago Tribune, so it already may come as no surprise to you that MNP and its affiliate sites are officially endorsing Barack Obama. Since Kennedy endorsed him and whatnot, and furthermore because everybody seems to be making endorsements and everything, the network which rarely takes a political stance at all has decided in a unanimous decision by its board of directors to endorse the Illinois senator.


Reaction around the United States was varied:

"I’m a Hilary guy myself, but the Ninjas are an influential bunch, them helping me with the planning and construction of ‘the Tower’ and what not, so I guess I might reconsider my choice" - Donald Trump

"The Ninjas will claim that they stand for change, but their voting record in the Senate states otherwise. Their opposition of the Shogunate is a fairy tale, a complete fantasy." - former President Bill Cinton

"Those Ninjas are some old ‘new world order’ Ninjas. They want you to endorse Barack just because they know their will never be a Ninja President. Don’t believe the hype, baby." - Roscoe

"I think it’s great step for America, and for the rest of the world that the Ninjas, a group long shrouded in mystery, would stand up and say "Together We Can." - Mel Gibson

"The Ninjas cut a behind-closed-doors deal with Mike Huckabee to drive voters towards their own ends in one of the worst instances of political chicanery in election history. I’m disgusted. Who let the dogs out? Woof." - Mitt "Old Hit" Romney

After this super-duper wacky tobacky Tuesday one thing is evident: this race is going to be a lot closer than anyone thought it would be. The Ninja voter turnout could be a deciding factor. We say, go Barack! (mostly because of the following)

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Posted: February 6th, 2008
at 11:33am by Black Ock

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