Stout Scarab



[The particular car in the last photo] a€oewas sold to a French publishing magnate and spent its entire life in France, supposedly used by General Eisenhower in North Africa and then by General DeGaulle. It was then used by a circus to house monkeys until Philippe Charbonneaux, a French automotive designer, bought it in the early sixties for his museuma€A

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Posted: December 30th, 2007
at 3:28am by Koookiecrumbles

Categories: whips,design

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  1. This is a Stout Scarab, not a Dymaxion.

    A Peterson

    18 May 08 at 8:42 pm


  2. my fault… crumbles?


    19 May 08 at 7:27 am


  3. swaught not he flight of possibilty remarks towards that of a candleman at ion….


    19 May 08 at 10:30 am


  4. The Car pictured here is beautiful! How did it come to be called a Dymaxion?
    This is a scarab not quite a Dymaxion…

    Noel Murphy

    2 Nov 09 at 7:48 pm



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