Spider Web Art


Leaving no stone unturned, we now look at Will Knight’s Spider Web Art. One thing I must say is that only in New England could I see this happening. America’s a wild place people, but we certainly have it locked down in the northeast.


It took years before Will devised a system that worked. Luckily the old barns in Vermont are full of spiders, so Will had an endless supply of webs with which to experiment. Spider webs are fragile, nearly invisible, and difficult to get stuck and to stay stuck where you want them to. But eventually Will hit upon a mass-production system that now gives him a steady supply of webs — that is, when the spiders are in the mood. Link


The images are all of webs collected from Will Knight’s Spider Farm, in Vermont. Though it gives me definite heebie jeebies, it’s still pretty ill. Ill like WIll.


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Posted: September 28th, 2007
at 7:30am by black octagons

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