My Ninja, Please! 8/14/06: Now this mofo is a real ninja, no joke…

We toss around the word ‘ninja’ here on this site quite liberally, but, if there was ever a subject worthy of the term, it is the man described in this article.

Wednesday morning at 3:30 am, four dudes picked the wrong apartment in Minneapolis to break into, and consequently, encountered pure ninjadom. After they forced their way inside, one of the residents grabbed his roomate’s sword and let out his inner Zoro, going absolutely medieval on the intruders.AA Despite being sliced and diced like a bunch of tomatoes on a Miracle Blade infomercial, the burglars somehow managed to escape.AA Shortly thereafter, they showed up at the local ER with lacerations and severed fingers, at which point the police were notified and they were aprehended (after receiving medical treatment of course).

Unfortunately, NBC affiliate WLTX is not reporting the sword-wielding man’s name, complicating our plans to bestow upon him an honorary black belt in the fighting style of myninjaplease. Anyone who is keeping it real to such an extent, however, always has an open invitation to train at our dojo, and we hope to cross paths with this warrior soon.


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Posted: August 14th, 2006
at 10:27am by Pheezatron

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