BOOCOO: be the change

A new cultural center has just sprung up around the corner from stomping grounds of years past- should be awesome! Offering space, classes in movement, music, words and nutrition, as well as a farming initiative and a new breath of air for the 5th Ward in Evanston.

Boocooa€™s diverse and multi-cultural programming addresses different aspects of human health, creativity and intellect. Boocoo has physical activity classes ranging from dance to martial arts, a recording studio with affordable rates, a music school, music production workshops, a digital lab, a performance space and a healthy cafA©. Each component of Boocoo is part of sustaining the center and creating a surplus that allows for content affordability. Sustainability at Boocoo means ensuring staff continuity and decent wages, program and center longevity, content accessibility for local residents and youth, minimal environmental footprint and ensuring participating artists, musicians and instructors, a solid student presence.

boocoo an agent of edf


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