A Dozen : Elena Odgers

Who is Elena Odgers?

Visual artist (painter).

Where are you from?

México (Mexico City).

Which kinds of mediums do you use to make your pieces?

I use many different materials. I believe that painting nowadays does not only refer to brushes and paint. I work now with ceramic, loom, and boxes with lights and mirrors as well as acrylic, oil, charcoal, or other any traditional painting and drawing materials. It all depends on the idea and the aim of the piece itself.

How do you start and develop your work?

They are all part of research I started many years ago. They are not an inspiration of the moment, there is more work on reading about the subject, reflecting on what is the best medium to convey the idea and then I can start making a sketch. Then it depends on the piece if I need to work with, have a first draw or directly apply with the paint. On the loom for instance I start with a precise sketch and then divide it on different pieces.

What do you want your work to tell?

I work on the subject of identity and territory. I use them to talk about human intentions and hope. I would say that it is the human hope that has been made landscape. It tells us not just where we are, but where we come from and where we want to go.

I believe that there is too much information about bad things and disasters, I would like (as Italo Calvino said) to see what is not hell inside hell, and make it bigger and give it space.

I want to show the desire to do, to make and to go. Does not matter where, it is just what gives you the essential impulse to live.

How do you think the art might influence on Society?

We all know the stereotypes of different societies and people, all of them are part of what we are, but they never tell the whole truth. I believe that to have as many stories and as many images we can generated by society, then we can really understand what they are. I strongly believe that all  images matter and that only by knowing them all, we can say we understand something.

Art is the way to know who we are, to create identity and to influence not only on the rational side, but also on our feelings.

It is possible to live as an artist in Mexico?

Sure, in fact I believe is more possible to live as an artist in Mexico than in many other countries.

Are you involved in any projects?

Yes, I am working with different teachers from the fine arts school trying to learn from other’s techniques. At the moment I am working with an artichoke. It all comes from a saying: life is an artichoke that we can see is all green from the outside, but as we eat leaf by leaf we start understanding its meaning, until we get to the heart (core).

I am working as well on a 400 x 400 cm loom that will show a labyrinth and 64 squares that follows an oak board game. On every square there are some images that represent different stages of life. There are three paths: The labyrinth, the squares and the process of making it.

I am involved in 3 collective projects: "Monstruario", "Cartografía personal", "Ciudad pop up".

"Monstruario" is a project in which all of the artists involved though of the monster we personally create from our fears. In my case I work with the monster of the absence.

"Cartografía personal" is a project I coordinate in which every artist was asked to work on the subject. It is very interesting as there are artists from many different countries, they all have different ideas of what they personal cartography is. It could include a schema of the body to a world map.

"Ciudad pop up" is a project in which every artist works on a specific part of Mexico City using a pop- up book technique. The idea is to talk about what is important for us about the city, rather than give a conventional tourist perspective.

More info: www.elenaodgers.blogspot.com.es


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