"Angola sends 2500 ‘ninjas’ to Zimbabwe"

Angola is sending 2500 of its feared paramilitary police to Zimbabwe, raising concerns of an escalation in violence against President Robert Mugabe’s opponents, it was reported today.

Zimbabwe’s Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi confirmed the imminent arrival of the Angolans, Britain’s The Times reported today.

He said 1000 Angolans were expected on April 1, with the rest to follow in groups of 500.

Angola is regarded as the most powerful military nation in Africa, after South Africa.

Mohadi said he had signed an agreement for the deployment of the Angolan paramilitaries with General Roberto Monteiro, the Interior Minister of Angola, last week, The Times reported.

"We signed a memorandum of cooperation last Thursday and it is meant to ensure public order and security for both our peoples and the whole southern African region," he said.

The police would be on "an exchange program", he said.


The paramilitaries, notorious for their violence and dubbed ninjas for their all black uniforms, form part of the presidential guard of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who has been in power in Angola since 1979.

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Posted: March 23rd, 2007
at 10:15am by Koookiecrumbles

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