Orion’s Arm

The current era is one in which there has never been such stability at home and yet, paradoxically, such instability. The Old Inner Sphere archailects still rule over all as olympian deities, reigning over countless different races and clades. But some of the sapients of the inner sphere are worried that in the process of reorganising and assimiliating larger stretches of newly claimed space, and coming to terms with an increasing number of new emerging AI Gods, Ascends, and Transcends, in the Outer Volumes and along the periphery, the sephirotic AI gods may reorganise things and do some fancy ascensions or transcenisons that might just absorb a whole lot of sapients as a side-effect (ok they wouldn’t do that, but can one be sure?).

Terragen spacefaring history extends for more than ten thousand years, most of that being under the dominion of the archailects. But prior to the terragens, many earlier races and civilizations had already arisen and disappeared.

This is a growing period of instability. Two major conflicts occur , the Periphery war, in the outer Volumes, and the Oracle War, in the very heartland of the MPA. Casualties are high in both conflicts, but the increasing use of back-up technology means that a high percentage of the dead can be recovered in one form or another. The Oracle War in particular sends shockwaves through the Inner Sphere; if war can touch the innermost worlds of the Orion’s Arm civilisation, how long can the civilisation as a whole stave off chaos?



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Posted: March 23rd, 2007
at 9:21am by Koookiecrumbles

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