My Ninja, Please! 2.22.2012: Racist Against Asians

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Just when you started to feel safe in Obama’s post-racial America.  Just when you started to feel the settling of the new normal: tolerance, if not acceptance.  Just when you almost forgot that a whole buncha people in this country are…

Let me start by saying that I don’t usually cuss on this page, but what the fuck?!  The photo above depicts a headline that ACTUALLY appeared on  I would like to know who thought that shit was funny.  I totally understand that it’s POSSIBLE that this was just a mistake, but it’s not probable.  How come every time a minority does something in this country, somebody has to call him out of his name and berate him based solely on his heritage.  The shit is bullshit.

ATTN: Mainstream media, STOP RACIALIZING EVERYTHING.  Leave that to us, please. Thanks.

So as to avoid having pun at anyone else’s expense, I’ll say, My Negro, Please!!


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Posted: February 22nd, 2012
at 3:56pm by Black Ock

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